Reviews intenskin

  • David
    When I saw my wife ordered intenskin, at first I cursed for a long time, thinking that divorce was the other way around. But when the cream arrived, and she started using it, he couldn't believe his eyes. Now the wife looks like our daughter's eldest sister, she's all shining, barely wrinkled.
  • Sara
    A very popular remedy today, everyone is used to telling. I thought for a long time before buying, but bought and have no regrets. The skin on the face is elastic and wrinkles are gone.
  • Olivia
    When I bought intenskin, I threw away all care products. It fades wrinkles without tightening the skin, removes acne blemishes, now the face is even and smooth.
  • Justine
    Yes, a good cream, my friends abroad have been using it for a long time, but we just received it recently. I've been using it for half a year myself, got a lot of compliments from my colleagues, they just don't understand why I look so young.
  • Mari
    I learned the remedy from a friend. I use it myself now and bought it for my mother, a great tool for rejuvenation at any age.
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