Rejuvenating the skin around the eyes: the best techniques

I want to make an impression on the people, mainly pay attention to the eyes. Everything has a value – a size of a pupil of an eye, a situation, a eyelids, and the eyebrows, a presence, a folds-"rays", the lack of red stripes on the "squirrels" is a brightness of the color "iris". Unfortunately, the eyes tells us it's not just mood, but a age. From the standpoint of a specialist, cosmetic eye area problems are divided into:

skin care
  1. the wrinkles around the eyes
  2. decrease in skin elasticity, pigmentation
  3. "bags" is a under eye swelling
  4. the tear duct in the groove
  5. hernia upper, don't mind the lower eyelid
  6. the point circles of the eyes

Often ezek problems interrelated — drag behind the other. This usually begins with the reduction of the elastic properties of a skin stagnation of the kiserek around the eyes. The lost elasticity, the skin starts to "slide": a border, an eye socket and cheek moves down, his eyes starting to look older due to the fact that a not soft tissue cover, the lower edge of the orbit, this applies only stretched century. It's very important to capture a process at the beginning, in order to ensure that the skin is a serious change. Pull Anyway this is possible only surgically. Rejuvenating the skin around the eyes should begin to restore elasticity, strengthens the muscular test, and activate the cellular metabolism in this area. But this does not mean that there is a standard course of rejuvenation "for all". As a general rule, experienced specialists select the methods, taking into account the existing problems, the current state of the patient's skin.

Problem 1. The wrinkles around the eyes

To delete a wrinkles around the eyes, helps the injection of botulinum toxin . Procedure This is the only which becomes visible after 2-14 days for an effect of 6-8 artists. People tend to edema before application of the drug on a course of hardware cosmetology, to eliminate this problem, as well as a mesotherapy, which aims to improve blood circulation, the blood, the lymph. It is very important to remove wrinkles, the right to the compensation have appeared on the nose (it happens), it's a beautiful secure, natural, to a position of eyebrows, not to aggravate the swelling, to preserve the individuality of facial expressions. This can be achieved, high selection of the injection points, the composition, and the application of additional methods of rejuvenation, often hardware cosmetology, the.

Problem 2. Decrease in skin elasticity, pigmentation

Increase the flexibility of the skin get rid of pigmentation and wrinkles helping you combination programs that include chemical peels, mesotherapy, or biorevitalizatsiya. Mesotherapy biorevitalizatsiya other than just using drugs. Biorevitalisation with hyaluronic acid When a fairly large molecules, which will allow you to stay longer in the skin, provides a more pronounced anti-aging effect. Biorevitalizatsiya is assigned a week interval after the peel. The best rejuvenating skin around the eyes consists of alternating procedures: biorevitalizatsiya four-four peel (interval between one a week). Regeneration of the skin around the eyes, it is desirable to use the products specifically for this area, which increases the effectiveness of the procedures and, to them, than physiological. A perfect choice for biorevitalisation of the skin around the eyes is a product that has hyaluronic acid, which is the procedures designed in the sensitive areas of minimal risk of swelling. The drug is administered in a large "drop", which significantly reduces the damage to the skin. A peeling as the skin around the eyes, we recommend to use special medicines. This includes the combination of two acids, the lactic acid and of the trichloroacetic strong reduce, and anti-aging action. They are used to a low concentration, which reduces the skin irritation, but as a summary effect of a two acids to achieve the desired effect. The manufacture of a peeling to use the technology, a "gradual liberation" of an active substance. After the procedure, the peeling usually tiny, insignificant. Starting the second day and after 4-5 days after the first treatment, repeat the procedures faster.

3. task. "Bags" is a under eye swelling

  • Mesotherapy
  • Peels
  • Oxygen-ozone therapy
  • A beautician

The patients with a "bag" for a under-eye shows that it is a hardware massage Lift-6 in combination with microcurrent therapy, which helps to strengthen the skin and remove stagnation. The result is a remarkable 2-3 after treatment after, but the lasting effect, it is desirable to pass a course — 10-15 procedures 2-3 times a week. Complex procedure (hardware massage Lift-6 + microcurrent therapy BioGold) is approximately an hour and is very convenient.

The problem is 4. The tear duct in the groove

This is one of the "unsympathetic" a changes age-related — grooves run on the inner corner of the eye obliquely across cheek. This is an age bias, as well as a sagging down. To remove a deep furrow, and the tear ducts helps gel-based hyaluronic acid, or collagen. This procedure is one of the most exciting — filling in the tear duct in a furrow in front of "rejuvenate" the face 5 to 10 years. The procedure is quick, virtually pain-free. The result is tart 6-12 art.

5. problem. Hernia upper, don't mind the lower eyelid

In some instances, masking a hernia of the lower eyelid with the introduction of gel based on hyaluronic acid or collagen. If this method is not suitable, hernia surgically removed – surgery of the eyelids, called blepharoplasty. In preparation for plastic surgery, it is desirable to perform therapeutic training beauty techniques. It will significantly improve the flow of the postoperative period, and significantly reduce the likelihood of complications.

Problem 6. The point circles of the eyes

face massage

Get rid of the point of circles under the eyes will help the oxygen-ozone therapy. Ideally, the completion of the course – 7-15 procedures. It's a technique, it has been shown that people with a smoking, almost not there in the fresh air. This is the refresh of arcot, as well as improve the skin's elasticity, eye Glow, and the light. If it's past 25 years of a beautician. Then a program is developed, individual prevention, the translated, taking into account the anatomical features of the face. There is a threat, hernia, some sense, brown circles around eyes to some "crow's feet". Experienced beautician immediately see a weak points, and advice on what to look for. It's a common misconception, One that "a beautician, a later application of a right" is fundamentally wrong! One-on-one, this is for a lot of people are missing an opportunity to prevent turn was the, the face, the skin around the eyes. Finally, we note that it is not necessary to forget about the most effective methods of a rejuvenation of a around the eye area. This is a good sleep, fresh air, lack of bad habits.

How to quickly rejuvenate the area around the eyes

Laughter without a reason — the reason for the wrinkles around the eyes. To keep the attractive, and not limited to an emotionality? The skin around the eyes, the most delicate, so a age-related changes in the first place to begin is in the zone. Crow's feet — a bedroom, a small radial wrinkles, diverging in different directions in an outer corner of the eyes. It seems, at a young age and it's getting better over time and become noticeable. To remove the wrinkles around the eyes is hard enough. But a right approach it is possible that for a short time to get rid of the cosmetic errors and.


This is the most common procedure to eliminate the wrinkles on the face. The Botox injections are injected just under the skin. They help to relax the muscles, the skin around the eyes, a smoothed and the wrinkles disappear.


If a Botox solves the problem of active facial expressions, then the injection of hyaluronic acid, moisturizes the skin to that firmer, as well as remove the sagging. In the course of 3-4 treatments to change the skin, reduces the severity of wrinkles around the eyes. Excellent results can be achieved, if the two combination injection techniques with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.


Practically The same procedure as biorevitalizatsiya. But the difference is that in the introduction under the skin of mineral and vitamin cocktail, forcing to activate a maintain the organization of the fight was spent against.

The other

The introduction of the wrinkles, hyaluronic acid gel in the form of a contribution to the "bouncing", and then smooths the skin. However, if an expression activity is expressed, the effect will not be long, therefore, recommended the combined approach of botulinum toxin therapy.

Fractional photothermolysis

The principle, one of them is a process, during which the local burns destroy skin cells, thereby acquiring a powerful "answer" to the organization. The destroyed cells are replaced by new ones. Therefore, the cosmetic result — wrinkles, skin lines, color and texture better.

Micro currents

This procedure takes place in a effect of electric current, the lower layer of the epidermis, stimulates the skin cell division, a regenerating, moisturizing, eliminating toxins from the cells, and improves blood circulation. The course comprises 10— 15 procedures, energy-saving effect for 4-5 months.

The recurring face

During the procedure, delete the upper layer of the epidermis, which leads to the start of regeneration processes, as well as cell division. The result of such exposure to the mimic wrinkles smoothed. In addition to the above treatments, to help in the fight against the hated "crow's feet", it is necessary to use correctly chosen cosmetic products, home care. Since the skin around the eyes, the sensitive, and the different, the skin is our body in other parts of, or the means to be special.

Skin aging around the eyes: look as well as the most effective way of rejuvenation

The first signs off director of a woman's face in 25-27 years. The first thing a wings spread; where, as they say, a soul, a mirror, an eye. But the first signs was spent in the region this is not a coincidence, and first and foremost is the fact that particularly thin, sensitive skin. Completely free of the layer of fat under the skin, and blood vessels of the eye located around the surface of the skin. Since a small amount of fat and sweat glands, is almost never free a protect radicals UV-radiation. That's why early translated around the eyes becomes thinner, and the epithelium is covered, the wrinkles in the first place. Aging skin around eyes: symptoms:

  • "Crow's feet". It seems that as a result of repeated facial movements (squinting, smiling, laughing, etc.). Aging of the skin, as well as a factor under the influence, like the Smoke, and the UV-radiation, ezek a wrinkles, deepening, and this number increases;
  • an external edge of an eyebrow looks a little bit leave;
  • the upper eyelid begins to hang noticeably;
  • an accumulation of the skin of the upper eyelid;
  • decreased slightly in the outer corner of the eye;
  • sagging of the lower eyelid;
  • fatty hernia;
  • education nasolacrimalis groove

With these "magic" translated from the fight, though it's hard, but possible. Especially the development of the plastic surgery. But if for some reason you don't "like" a hyaluronic acid injection, Botox or mesotherapy, check out several available methods to prevent and prevent the skin around the eyes.

Prevent aging of skin around eyes methods

the problem areas

Hydration. Use the essential and base oils, particularly effective, or olive oil, sea buckthorn, almond – contain all the essential the skin around the eyes substances, which have deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin, stimulate the production of a collagen, elastin, the proteins elasticity and a youth of a skin. Pay the same attention liquid vitamin e is one of the most important vitamins for the skin in general, to be most effective to restore elasticity and smoothing age-related changes. To prepare a mask of vitamin e, an equal proportion of 1 teaspoon of vitamin E, sea buckthorn and cocoa butter, the local. Apply the mixture for 20 to 25 minutes, the area around the eyes. After a soak in a residue with a napkin. This mask two times a week. In addition, a lot of fighting wrinkles around the eyes aloe. To do this, a few drops of the juice and the light stroking movement applied to one under eye area. You several times a week to replace your night cream it's a miracle ingredient, because aloe kept for thousands of years, to one of the most effective tool in the fight against wrinkles. Regularly, a mask based on honey and starch. Bet you enable a mask, the honey, which is a wonderful anti-aging effect prevent the skin aging: mix 2 tablespoons Ground oatmeal 2 teaspoon of melted or liquid honey, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable chamomile tea (green tea). Add the mixture to water a little. Mix until the consistency of thick cream. Slightly heat the mixture up to a soft oatmeal and apply the mask for 20 minutes. After the procedure, rinse everything with warm water to moisturize the main cream.

How to properly care for the skin around the eyes?

  • for removing eye makeup, special devices based oils. This is a procedure wadding;
  • special gel to relieve morning puffiness;
  • at night it is not necessary to apply, moisturizing, nourishing cream for the skin around the eyes. For these purposes, usually use creams with lifting effect;
  • the skin cream is applied around an eye, just ring finger, lightly Pat;
  • in summer, protect your skin, dermatokosmetolog, which contains the UVA filter.

Eyes reflect not only the spirit but also the age. But the looks of the skin around the eyes, for women, is extremely important. The advice in this article will not only help the skin around the eyes, smooth, flexible, but also to rejuvenate it, to be more beautiful.