Fractional laser facial skin rejuvenation

The age-related changes in the skin on the face, the woman concerned, because the dream of all is to preserve the beauty of youth. Surgical methods of to resort want, not always, but often, and there is an urgent need, because more invasive procedures. One is fractional laser rejuvenation of the skin. This method allows not only to smooth the age-related symptoms, but also to eliminate minor cosmetic defects. Other names for the procedure – Fraxel, as well as photo rejuvenation. The cosmetics, the method is widespread due to the fact that the skin is unique it allows you to achieve excellent results.

The youth of the face

Distinguishing features of the procedure, immediate results and high efficiency. Of course, it will not save the face of old scars, large scars, deep wrinkles. But I'll remove the small imperfections resulting from pigmentation, or rosacea. A particularly good effect is achieved if you adapt the color of the face, peels.

The principle effect of

The processes occurring in the epidermis, with the passage of time, slowly. The wilting is getting more active, so the skin loses firmness and elasticity. Fractional rejuvenation allows you to correct the situation. According to the principle of the procedure is similar to laser resurfacing. However, photo rejuvenation is a more serious, but at the same time, a more efficient way of solving the problems of the skin.

The process consists of the thermal effect on the skin. More beam emitted by a special device, that the selected area of the skin mesh structure. The active effect of the beam helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells, and stimulates the skin cells natural collagen.

More file types to open

There are two main types of fractional laser treatment: ablative and non-ablative. They differ in the extent of the impact, the penetration depth of the heat-rays of the skin.

Ablative methods

This technique is used when the clinic treated women the aging first signs: mild, loss of elasticity, deep wrinkles. Fractional rejuvenation of the ablative method promotes the growth of new skin cells. Since the local effects, this method is very subtle, but a positive trend can be seen immediately.

When ablative method of skin will be removed to the surface, not large areas. The penetration of the laser beam occurs at a depth of 1.5 mm. the skin is tightened, the upper layer starts the process of regeneration. After photo rejuvenation ablative method for skin will be more even, and regular, her face oval is tightened, beginning to appear wrinkles are smoothed out.

Non-ablative method

The thermal effect on the epidermis

This method is not recommended for the reversible changes of the skin. The distinguishing feature – the effect of deep layers of the skin. Since this is the treatment of the deep layer of the epidermis, and then start them, regeneration processes. Experience thermal shock in the laser, the cells start regeneration. Within begins the active development of the collagen fibers, as well as begin the construction of a new membrane skeleton.

Non-ablative method, the renewal, the upper part of the skin is not affected, or not removed. The laser beam penetrates the skin to a depth of 5 mm, without the superficial layer of the dermis.

Reviews fractional laser resurfacing shows that the best effect is achieved in the combination of two techniques: ablative and non-ablative. Due to the different effect on the skin, is the combination of these methods is the secret of success. A clear result is seen even after a single procedure. But after a few sessions the improvement was visible to the naked eye.

Beauticians recommend a month, more intervention – and will be more visible. Many are wondering how long the results last. This largely depends on the lifestyle of women, of course, fractional laser resurfacing, but the average time is two to three years.

Fractional photothermolysis is performed on different machines.


Fractional laser rejuvenation of face skin's own indications for use. This is the effective method of dealing with wrinkles can cope with a lot of other skin imperfections, and most importantly – save the result for a long time. Another plus is that the relatively quick recovery period because the surgery is gone.

The procedure should be applied to the following problems:

  • The wrinkles. Small, shallow wrinkles, often mimic plain ablative method. Deeper wrinkles are less pronounced, the non-ablative photo rejuvenation method.
  • The presence of blood vessels and formations of the face.
  • The age spots appearance.
  • Longer, visible pores.
  • Uneven terrain.
  • Cicatrice from changes in the skin surface.
  • Acne, acne, as well as the consequences of the case.
  • Decreases the skin tone, the loss, the hardness, the flexibility, the skin sagging.
Non-ablative method

If the program is photo rejuvenation selected in accordance with the problem that a woman decides that the effectiveness of the method is extremely high.


Fractional photothermolysis is performed in the beauty salons for special medicines. The exposure is carried out using a laser beam.

Prior training

One of the advantages of the relative photo rejuvenation lack of pre preparation procedure. It is only necessary to completely wash off the makeup, and then cleanse your face, neck contamination. The main thing – do not use the cosmetics, alcohol-based, or even the minimum alcohol content of the composition. In the case if you recently sunbathed his face still remained traces of sun exposure, should be postponed, the procedure for conducting the a few weeks. The same recommendation if a course of antibacterial drugs in the tetracycline group.


The effect of the laser on the skin– quite a painful procedure. Therefore, prior to the face, neck, décolleté apply the anesthetic. This can be a cream, ointment, or spray specifically for this purpose. Local anesthesia is applied to clean, dry skin directly before the procedure. During laser processing the skin may feel a little like tingling.

Photo rejuvenation

Treatment for the face decollete with a special laser attachment. The procedure takes approximately half an hour, the exact time depends on skin characteristics, the method of exposure and the intensity of photo thermolysis. These are the questions to solve a cosmetology stage of preliminary investigation. When carrying out fractional photo rejuvenation of the eyes should be closed special glasses, to exclude the possibility that the laser of the retina.

To a visible, stable result it is necessary be subjected to several times the laser return. The full course includes seven treatments with the same frequency. But the beautician is determined that the session number and the frequency of each particular case. This takes into account the indications for the procedure, contraindications and the condition of the skin of the face and neck.

Laser rejuvenation

Beauticians often recommended to combine the fractional laser face rejuvenation treatments, e.g. mesotherapy. A comprehensive approach to solution of problems of the skin allows to achieve maximum effect, the treatments complement each other, the action lasts for a long time.

Care after the procedure

Fractional laser rejuvenation of face skin care is very important after performing the hardware procedure. Any special recommendations for restoration, rehabilitation and after the skin laser treatment, laser resurfacing does not exist. It is worth noting that the critical period does not occur immediately after the procedure, and then after a week. Then against falls post-therapeutic edema, and begins to move away "crust" that protects young delicate skin. At this stage, it is possible that the penetration of infections. In addition, the thin, soft skin easily damaged. It is therefore important that precautions should be taken:

  • Washing with boiled water. This will help you avoid the risk of skin bacteria, or other micro-organisms.
  • The rejection of scrubs, peels, cleansing mask, mask movies. The mechanical effect on the skin easy to injury.
  • The lack of contact of the skin to sunlight. Due to the fact that the skin after the procedure is very delicate, the sun can cause burns, because pigmentation. UV-radiation is freely penetrating through the thin layer of the epidermis.
  • Use cream of the day filter. Even indirect sunlight will damage the skin is updated, so it is better to be wrong. This is valid not only in summer but also in winter, because in winter the sun is active, even on cloudy days.
  • Intake of vitamins. Multivitamin complex allows the skin heal faster.

If you observe the simple rules of the recovery will be quick and easy.


Despite the fact that fractional laser facial skin rejuvenation a gentle procedure which I apply, even young skin, it has a number of contraindications. Certain diseases, to carry out photo rejuvenation is not always the case.

These include the cancer presence of malignant cells in the body, the laser can provoke the growth of the development. It is impossible to carry out the procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the hormones of the women in these periods has changed significantly, the body responds to the photo thermolysis in unpredictable ways. Also affect procedure, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, viral or infectious diseases, currently available, or recently moved. The thromboembolism, problems with blood clotting to perform fractional rejuvenation also don't have to.

Treatment after fractional rejuvenation

It is logical that a contraindication is any skin disease that manifests on the face and other problems of the epidermis. No photo rejuvenation, if the person is the inflammation of an open form, if you have psoriasis, dermatosis, of whatever nature, vitiligo, herpes in the active stage. The keloid scars also do not use the laser as severe acne, rash, acne. If you have recently tanned or received a sunburn, you should wait for the skin to heal back to its normal state.

Complications and side effects

Fractional laser facial skin rejuvenation is effective, and not particularly aggressive procedure. Much better tolerated than surgery, and all kinds of braces. Although, when compared to laser resurfacing, laser treatment is considered to be a more active effect on the skin. So, after a session you may find that the complications.

First, the laser is very effective, with a strong effect on the skin. We have carefully selected the necessary "dosage", i.e., the intensity of the laser beam of the epidermis. Calculate, it's all right, only experience, training. In addition, any, even the small knife of the device a separate piece of face, can cause severe burns and irreversible changes in the skin.

A few days after the rejuvenation, the skin appears a protective crust, and in a few days, that's going to come down. It is only necessary to lubricate the cream or ointment that will advise the doctor-cosmetologist. If you drink alcohol, abuse Smoking, you can experience the side effects and the healing process is very slow.