Facial rejuvenation treatment at the age of 50

It's impossible to have facial skin at 50 without a single wrinkle and fine lines, but looking much younger is everyone's desire. How to organize skin care, which creams to prioritize and how Meryl Streep keeps her youth at 64 - learn more.

Characteristics of facial skin from 50 years old and above

In order to organize the appropriate care, we will deal with subtle, age-related changes in the mature epidermis of a certain age. Withering is caused by:

  • the result is insufficient formation of fat cells, collagen protein - dry, flabby skin;
  • weakly saturates cells with oxygen, nutrients, reduces tissue tone;
  • The epidermis becomes thinner over time, the protective qualities decrease.
A woman in her 50s interested in facial rejuvenation

In addition to physiological causes, facial aging is also caused by:

  • menopause, hormonal disorders;
  • stress, experience;
  • environmental conditions, poor quality facial care;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet.

Facial rejuvenation machine

Regular, high-quality and complete care with the help of age-related cosmetics will help ensure effective facial rejuvenation after 50 years of age.

The preparatory step in any treatment is cleansing. However, the main part of rejuvenation is attributed to age cream. Approach his choice responsibly, carefully, several tips will help in this:

  • after 50 facial creams should contain hyaluronic acid in their arsenal, all moisturizing, moisturizing oils - this helps to accelerate the formation of collagen in the cells;
  • the naturalness of the ingredients, the removal of additive alcohol and large abrasive particles - will prevent damage to the tissues of the epidermis, which are already weakened;
  • only anti-aging cosmetics, rejuvenating and firming the contours of the action;
  • luxury, the brand doesn't really matter (luxury, mass market or homemade). The main thing is to be effective, natural and to comply with the age categories;
  • you can prepare a cream, with a quality and naturalness that you will be 100% sure of at home.

Massage and additional skin rejuvenation methods

Massage is the second most important step in keeping the face youthful. An invigorating massage will bring about a rejuvenating facial effect after the age of 50, a face lift massage will be able to tighten and restore the elasticity of the surface.

Limit unnecessary cream and massage. A set of exercises to lift the oval face, mainly using healthy steamed foods in the diet, baked goods that slow down aging will have a positive effect on returning youth and beautyfor the skin. Good sleep, peace of mind, eliminating stress, negative emotions are additional measures to rejuvenate facial skin.

Salon anti-aging methods

Effective facial rejuvenation after the age of 50 also offers salon methods. These include radical botulinum toxin injections, plastic surgery and more medial procedures, RF lifting or partial facial rejuvenation.

A professional esthetician will help you choose the right treatment for your surface. He will study the individual skin characteristics, depth, defect level, contraindications to give an effect that is worth the money and time.

Consider in advance the fact that the procedure needs to be repeated after a certain period of time.

Meryl Streep's Youth Secret

Meryl Streep looks young regardless of age

Despite their age, celebrities look younger thanks to the following points:

  • life is measured - in addition to acting, Meryl tries to spend enough time with her family, take care of herself and enjoy the good times.
  • A person without alcohol, bad habits, strong sunlight - the actress goes swimming every day, does yoga;
  • calmly aware of momentary changes, confident in the beauty of each era;
  • neatness, permanent smile on the lips.

Love yourself despite the number of wrinkles - each age has its own advantages and beauty.


  • "I have tried many cosmetics in the fight against problem areas on the face. However, she decided to buy cosmetics at home and go to the gym to rejuvenate. Also, I advise women over 50 to do it themselves. believe, have fun, because stress exacerbates age-related problems.
  • "I recommend fighting wrinkles after 50 with homemade creams and masks. Massaging will help achieve tangible results. Don't forget about sleep and proper nutrition. Rejuvenation is a set. Measures to improve the health of the skin and body in general!