Hardware cosmetology for face and body rejuvenation: types of tricks

Until recently, the surgeon's scalpel was considered the panacea for skin aging. Now he is seriously competing with hardware techniques for facial and body rejuvenation. They allow you to get rid of flaws in appearance almost painlessly and in a short time.

facial rejuvenation

Hardware aesthetics

Hardware aesthetics began to develop in the 70s of the last century, and became popular only 30 years later. She is considered the older sister of physical therapy, the effectiveness of which is proven over time.

From the name, you might guess that the hardware aesthetic involves the use of special devices. They have microcurrent, ultrasonic, vacuum, light and other physiotherapeutic effects on the skin. Often, the devices complement traditional cosmetics - serums, creams, masks.

The modern hardware aesthetic has great potential. One of its main functions is to enhance the effect of therapeutic and cosmetic preparations, which are not always able to reach the desired dermis. Hardware engineering is designed to ensure their transport to the deeper layers where aging processes take place.

hardware aesthetics for rejuvenation

Hardware cosmetic procedures can also "disperse" natural processes in the skin, which slow down with age, under the influence of bad ecology or stress.

Advantages of hardware aesthetics

The lion's share of hardware techniques is painless in itself. Only some procedures require local anesthesia or the use of anesthetic ointments.

To solve serious problems or improve efficiency, cosmetic hardware is used in combination with other procedures (injections, peels).

The hardware methods are almost immediately apparent, even when a multi-session course is required. Unlike surgery, they do not require a long preparation and recovery period. However, their main advantage is that they can solve a wide range of anti-aging problems of the face and body.

Cosmetologists recommend using hardware methods to:

  • oval face correction;
  • prevent and eliminate wrinkles;
  • eliminate edema, pigmentation, couplerosis and rosacea;
  • buttock and chest lift;
  • cellulite treatment.

In some cases, they are used in preparation for plastic surgery, injections (liquid only), acid peels. The hardware aesthetic methods are well put together.

Main types of hardware techniques for face and body rejuvenation

Microcurrent therapy

This kind of hardware aesthetic is based on the use of weak current pulses. Under their influence, processes occurring in the cell are optimized. Microcurrent is effective in removing wrinkles and age spots, puffiness. This method is indicated for the care of not only aging, but also very dry facial skin.

Optical rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation

The photo-rejuvenation procedure involves exposing the skin to light waves of a certain length. During this process, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for the elasticity of the dermis, is stimulated.

Laser rejuvenation

There are several laser techniques. They are differentiated by the type of device used and the price per session. Common laser techniques include:

  • FT lifting;
  • erbium rejuvenation;
  • Fraxel;
  • liposuction.

SMOOTH refers to accelerated laser rejuvenation. Exquisite technique: after the procedure, there is almost no redness or swelling. During the procedure, the skin is heated evenly with a laser, which helps to remove edema, lighten pigment spots, and smooth out nasolabial folds.

FT lifts, or neodymium rejuvenation, involve impacting the deep layers of the skin. The method gives an almost instant lifting effect and does not require rehabilitation.

Erbium rejuvenation, or laser resurfacing, works on the surface. During this process, the deep layers of the skin do not have time to heat up. The method is suitable for rejuvenating sensitive areas such as the skin around the eyes and mouth.

Fraxel, or laser photothermal, stimulates the formation of new skin cells. After the procedure, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is improved. This technique does not damage the upper layer of the skin, so the recovery process is quick even without the use of substances that accelerate tissue regeneration (Panthenol or Bepanten).

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive alternative to conventional surgery. It is performed under local anesthesia. The laser lipodestructor is inserted through a small incision in the skin, destroying fat cells with the help of a flash. They are then removed by vacuum.

Massage with LPG

The procedure is a vacuum roller massage, performed in a special tight fit to prevent skin tightening. It eliminates swelling, cellulite and promotes fat burning in the body.

LPG massage is one of the most requested body shaping methods.


Common methods include electrophoresis and ultrasound dissection. The first is aimed at enhancing the penetration of cosmetic and drug preparations into tissues. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, the loosening and elasticity of collagen increases, membrane permeability and microcirculation increase. In superelectrophoresis, different preparations are used: their choice depends on the task to be performed. These can be amino acids and antioxidants to prevent skin aging, oils that are particularly resistant to age-related changes.

Ultrasonic skin rejuvenation

Ultrasonic exfoliation is considered to be one of the gentlest and safest methods. It tightens pores, clears the epidermis of dead skin cells and acne, stimulates collagen synthesis. Ultrasonic exfoliation is performed at any time of the year, which is a significant plus. It is equally suitable for both women's and men's skin. It can be done at home: for this, just buying a device and watching the video is enough to grasp the correct technique to perform the procedure.


This method can be called a new feature of hardware aesthetics, which has been applied by many aesthetic centers. It is like mesotherapy, but without injections and cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, as it is based on the effect of low temperature on the skin. Freezing is carried out with the help of special cocktails, which may include lactic and fruit acids (malic, citric), vitamin and medicinal preparations. The method of removing wrinkles and cheek lines, making the skin soft.