The most effective anti-aging herbs for skin and body

The peculiarity of facials requires the use of such drugs that will help reduce the external manifestations of age-related changes in the skin and ensure an early restoration of skin elasticity. Facial rejuvenation herbs can be considered as the optimal solution when deciding to maintain the most long-term youthfulness, as they have the fewest possible side effects even with prolonged use. Active on the skin in general and promotes tissue regeneration.

Herbal remedies for anti-aging are well tolerated by the skin, they can be used both externally and orally: this method of application allows you to get the most pronounced positive results.

What is it

Today, natural herbal preparations are becoming more and more popular, they are available cheaply in specialty stores or pharmacies, and can also be easily purchased on their own. The composition of the plants may vary, but they all contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytocides necessary for the skin and body, which have a stimulating effect on the skin and tissues. The effect of herbs can be both external and internal: taking the decoction and infusing it internally allows a deeper impact on the root cause of this phenomenon, minimizing external manifestations, activating the regeneration process. epidermal cells.

Nature provides man with various plants that have an anti-aging effect and provide the body with the ability to eliminate age-related manifestations. Including:

  • loss of natural elasticity of the skin;
  • static wrinkles;
  • the formation of a double chin;
  • manifestation of nasolabial folds;
  • skin discoloration;
  • the appearance of dark circles under the gases.

To obtain the most visible and lasting rejuvenating effect, one should further adhere to a healthy diet with mainly plant-based ingredients (detox diet), giving up large amounts of saltfood is used, which contributes to the retention of water in the tissues and the elimination of bad habits. Such measures can reduce the negative effects of time, prevent the early formation of wrinkles, their rapid deepening.

Mechanism of action

Rejuvenating herbs provide the body with the elements it needs to repair and build new cells and tissues, stimulate regeneration, and slow down the formation and accumulation of toxins.

By acting on the nervous system, excretory system, immune system and the whole body, anti-aging herbs have a markedly positive effect on the external condition of the skin. Most often used to eliminate and prevent age-related changes are decoctions and tinctures of internal plants, however, their external use improves the condition of the facial skin, bringingmore softness and elasticity.


In order to use herbs with rejuvenating effects, you must first consult a cosmetologist and doctor, they will assess your health and skin condition, thereby recommending some plants. have a suitable effect. Indications for the use of such herbs should be considered for the following skin and health conditions:

  • disorder of the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin - the skin is excessively dry or increased in oil, with the formation of acne and acne on it;
  • with the formation of edema with different localization, in particular, on the face;
  • During pregnancy, when there is a change in skin condition due to hormonal changes;
  • with the formation of a large number of smaller and deeper wrinkles;
  • with a decrease in skin tone;
  • with obvious manifestations of ptosis, sagging skin.

In addition to stimulating the skin, which is mainly subject to age-related changes, anti-aging herbs also help reduce blood pressure, get rid of excess weight easily and quickly by activating the metabolism. metabolism caused by excess fluid accumulation. A large number of plants with a pronounced stimulating effect allows you to choose the most effective, to ensure satisfactory results even in the presence of significant age-related changes.

Who is contraindicated?

The use of herbs for facial rejuvenation may be contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to certain plants, which is prone to allergic reactions. You also need to be careful when using herbs with diuretic effects during pregnancy, while breastfeeding.

When carrying out a complete rejuvenation of the body, the intake of decoctions of plants and their external use bring especially noticeable results. Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol, regularly taking vitamin preparations will be more likely to show the rejuvenating and restorative effects of such plants.

Popular Anti-Aging Herbs and How to Use Them

herbal field for skin rejuvenation

There are a variety of plants that support the functioning of their organs and systems, eliminating the manifestations of age-related changes. The most popular are herbal treatments that are easy to use and have remarkably positive results. They are sold ready-made, individually or mixed as teas, which are brewed in a certain way that allows them to preserve their medicinal properties.

Regular use of such decoctions and teas, as well as the complete replacement of ordinary black tea with such a drink, can result in more rapid rejuvenation.

The following plants are considered the most effective for eliminating age-related changes:

  • chamomile pharmaceuticals;
  • Birch buds;
  • St. John's wort;
  • Tibetan Fees;
  • stinging nettle;
  • leaves and hawthorn fruit.

The herbs listed can be independently harvested in clean areas, so it is necessary to strictly observe the conditions of the vegetation, the rules for their drying and storage, andusing ready-made dry raw materials, which are offered for sale in pharmacies.

The blend of these botanicals also delivers visibly positive results in rejuvenation and healthier skin.

Birch buds

Birch buds have long been used to eliminate fluid stagnation in the body, give strength to the skin to restore, and suppress inflammatory processes in the epidermis. The kidneys have a positive effect on metabolism, not only stimulating the removal of water from the tissues, but also accelerating the decomposition of excess fat accumulation, regaining a slim figure. Both dried and fresh buds can be used.

To prepare the broth, you should take 2 teaspoons of the ingredients in any form (dry or fresh), pour a cup of boiling water and put in a water bath. After boiling for 10 minutes, brewing for 15 minutes, filter the water, drink a teaspoon 5-8 times a day. Replenishing vitamins for the body, eliminating inflammatory processes in tissues, birch buds have a positive effect on the skin: washing with such a decoction stimulates the skin, making it more elastic.

St. John's Wort

The most effective botanical, if necessary, to quickly cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, which often cause deterioration of the skin, is St. John's wort. The plant has a diuretic and sedative effect, is well tolerated by the body, suppresses the initial stage of the inflammatory process in the tissues. In addition, the leaves and grass of St. John's wort has a pronounced anti-aging effect due to its rich composition, without causing any side effects when used.

To make the broth, take 1. 5 teaspoons of herbs, pour 0. 5 cups of warm water, boil for 10 minutes, let cool and drink 1 teaspoon 3-5 times per day.

Herbs St. John's wort can be added to tea blends with chamomile, mint, nettle, rose hip, and hawthorn.

Tibet Fees

skin rejuvenation herbs

The herbs contained in the Tibetan collection have a stimulating effect, eliminating inflammation in the tissues, stimulating the regeneration of epidermal cells and increasing skin elasticity.

The rejuvenating effect of the Tibetan collection has been proven by many positive reviews of people who have used it for rejuvenation.

The broth is put in a water bath, sharp take 2 tablespoons, pour 1. 5 cups of boiling water into the kettle (10 minutes). After a 15 minute infusion, the broth is filtered, drink 1 boat 3 times a day.

The collection can be used for an unlimited time, positive effects are seen after a few weeks of use.

Other tree

Other plants also have a rejuvenating effect on the body. To remove excess fluid from the body, remove toxins, hawthorn (fruit), horsetail, juniper berries and needles, and their collections can be used. The plant is used fresh and dried, used alone or mixed in equal parts.

They are poured with boiling water, steamed in a water bath, after insisting, drunk. Adding any of the listed ingredients to regular tea will increase its biological value and make the rejuvenation process more pronounced.

For external use, a mixture of chamomile and mint can be used in the form of ice cubes to maintain the tone of the facial skin.

Medicines and anti-aging drugs

Also widely used for rejuvenation are drugs that have a completely natural composition and have a stimulating effect. They have minimal negative effects due to their completely natural composition, high content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Such pills can be considered especially effective for maintaining youth:

  • vitamin A;
  • vitamins A and E in the form of oil preparations.

Prices and reviews

These pharmaceutical preparations have a rapid effect on the skin and tissues of the face and body, stimulating the suppression of inflammatory processes and improving the color of the dermis. Patients respond to vitamin complexes and oil extracts in the best possible way, as they soften and nourish the skin, eliminating signs of excessive dryness. The cost of these drugs is low and affordable for everyone.

The listed funds are well tolerated by the body, quickly relieve tissue inflammation, eliminate swelling in the face, eyes and body.