Rejuvenation of dark skin: neck and chest skin problems

breast skin and ways to rejuvenate it

They say that a woman's age can be determined by the appearance of her neckline and arms. And this is partly true, because we often pay most of our attention to our facial skin, and we often forget about the neck and facial areas.

How to care for the décolleté area? Let's try to find out the most common problems and how to solve them.

Dry skin in the chest area

As a rule, with age, the skin in the décolleté area can become drier. This process can be aggravated by excessive tanning and inadequate skin care. To prevent premature skin aging, you can try:

  • Use a skin moisturizer with vitamin A and essential oils of lemon or pine;
  • If the problem is more serious, your beautician can recommend hydrating masks;
  • Bioresurfacing with hyaluronic acid is a more radical method that not only allows moisturizing the skin, but also helps to eliminate small wrinkles, improve the color and structure of the skin and narrow the pores.
skin rejuvenation in the décolleté area

Looseness at the neckline

With age, the skin in the décolleté area loses its tone, becomes less elastic and flabby. You can't stop the process completely, but you can try to slow it down. For this, as a rule, such cosmetic procedures are used:

  • Laser and chemical peels;
  • Mesotherapy;
  • Hardware brace;
  • Skin tightening massage;
  • Lace lifting.

Rash in the area of decline

Improper care or disrupted sebaceous glands can lead to acne and rashes in the chest area. Rashes can also be caused by allergies or a gastrointestinal disorder, so first of all, with such a problem, you need to consult a cosmetologist to determine the cause of acne and prescribe treatment. necessary, needs.

Pigment spots in the décolleté . area

Excessive sunburn can also cause the appearance of so-called age spots on the skin. However, the cause of age spots can be not only sunburn but also various diseases and hormonal disorders.

The reason for the appearance of age spots should be found out by cosmetologists, who will recommend the necessary procedures for you. To get rid of age spots, apply:

  • Chemical mask;
  • Meso cocktail injection;
  • Mechanical and laser dissection;
  • Cryotherapy method;
  • Mesovarton;
  • Laser photothermal;
  • Biorevitalization.
woman with rejuvenated skin

Spider veins in the décolleté . region

The vascular network in the décolleté region can be caused by dysfunction of internal organs, hormonal disorders and genetic predisposition. To remove spider veins, use:

  • Laser therapy;
  • Therapy therapy;
  • Co-capacitor;
  • Ozone therapy;
  • Preparations to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Décolleté wrinkles

The formation of wrinkles is a natural process and it is not easy to prevent it. For starters, you can try products with collagen, antioxidants, and vitamins E and C.

More serious procedures are performed in the salon:

  • Peeling: stimulates collagen production;
  • Massage: improves blood circulation and promotes cell renewal;
  • Mesotherapy: injections of special cocktails that stimulate collagen production;
  • Lace lifting;
  • Hardware rejuvenation method;
  • Plasmolifting;
  • Color reproduction.

In addition, it is possible to rejuvenate the facial skin by radical surgical methods:

  • Lipofilling: injecting your own fat cells into the breast skin;
  • Cervicoplasty: performed mainly after the age of 50.