Face lift: what it is, indications, types and their description

It's no secret that almost every woman wants, if not at least, to look younger than her age.Non-surgical faceliftBut, unfortunately, over time, the years begin to give birth to age: the oval of the face spreads, mimic wrinkles appear, the structure of the skin changes, the color changes, the loss of elasticityelastic. These are symptoms of physiological aging. Regular facial care, using anti-aging creams and serums will bring certain effects. But it doesn't always last long. But sometimes you really want to be young and beautiful right away, even forever young. And here, a procedure like lifting can be to the rescue.

The pioneer in lifting is considered Suzanne Noel, the first person to perform plastic surgery. In 1926, his work on plastic surgery was published, which to this day has not lost its importance in cosmetology, designed to give the skin a second youthful appearance.

Lifting pedestal

Facelift is an operation, procedure to increase the elasticity of the skin, the elasticity of the dermis, and lift the contours of the face. This lifting effect is achieved by a number of methods, including surgical and non-surgical.

Methods of operation include plastic surgery. But it's only worth using in the most extreme cases. This operation is a basic version of tissue tightening. Although providing long-lasting results after tightening the vagina, this rejuvenation method has many disadvantages and side effects. These include pain sensation, long-term rehabilitation, and some restrictions that the patient (patient) must adhere to.

You should resort to plastic surgery only in severe cases. It is best to use other methods of rejuvenation that are gentler.

Usually, plastic surgery is used to correct the neckline and forehead areas of the face. If required, surgery involves the cheeks and the skin around the lips. Facelift surgery is performed only in the hospital of a cosmetic clinic under general anesthesia, usually under general anesthesia. This operation lasts for several hours, and recovery time is delayed for several months. This time is needed for the post-surgery stitches to dissolve and the swelling and redness to disappear.

The range of non-surgical methods is much broader and richer. Including:

  • hardware aesthetics,
  • injection,
  • care products (creams, serums, etc. ).

Types of rejuvenation methods

Experts identify several main methods of rejuvenation:

  • hardware lifting,
  • injection rejuvenation,
  • aesthetic rejuvenation.

Hardware lift

A hardware facelift (or hardware cosmetic) allows you to look 5-10 years younger painlessly. During this procedure, the intensive synthesis of collagen and elastin is activated, while preventing the aging process of the skin. Hardware aesthetics is an effective assistant in the battle to regain youth for the skin. Thanks to her, age-related skin changes disappear, the skin is regenerated and tightened. One of the most popular hardware procedures in modern women is facelift - contacting the skin with high frequency electromagnetic pulses, under its action, the skin becomes tight, mimics and age wrinkleseffect disappears.

Injectable rejuvenation

As a result of facial rejuvenation injection, the patient is injected under the skin with anti-aging drugs. Visible results from beauty injections are noticeable almost immediately. This is achieved because the beneficial ingredients immediately penetrate the cells and begin to work, firming and rejuvenating the skin.

skin rejuvenation injection procedure

Cosmetic lift

Cosmetic lifting includes the use of cosmetics, massage, and exercise. Recently, special exercises for the face - facelifts, which can "pump" a certain group of facial muscles and thereby tighten the skin and remove wrinkles, including those, have also become popular. become popular.

exercise facial rejuvenation

The effectiveness of the cosmetic lifting method used depends on the correct product, cosmetic quality and regular use. And, of course, cosmetic lifting requires frequent positive actions from the patient. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to achieve the desired results.

Facelift allows you to strengthen the muscles of the face without resorting to surgery and beauty injections.

Along with the above methods, there are other types of lifting:

  • lift the midsection of the face,
  • forehead lift,
  • Lift the area around the eyes.

Each of these areas requires a different approach. Depending on the condition of your skin, your esthetician may recommend mesotherapy, the use of Botox, or the use of radio waves for rejuvenation.

Endoscopic lifting Nâng

Laparoscopic buttock augmentation is performed through special micro-incisions. This method is more effective than classical plastic surgery, is better tolerated by patients, and requires less recovery time.


During a facelift, biocompatible threads are inserted under the skin, fixed in the desired position, keeping the skin from sagging. The procedure is quite simple and does not take much time. It is done under local anesthesia and lasts about 30 minutes.

Popular "hanging machine"

In recent times, modern women, in addition to using time-proven rejuvenation methods, are increasingly preferring acupuncture, ultrasonic facelift, radio wave lifting, plasma lifting, etc. fractional pyrolysis.

Raise radio waves

The effectiveness of radiofrequency rejuvenation is very high. As a result of this procedure, under the influence of radiofrequency radiation, fat and obsolete cells are destroyed, and processes important to the skin are activated. Cosmetologists consider RF lifting as one of the best rejuvenation methods, helping to restore the old skin color and elasticity of the dermis.

RF lifting procedure for facial rejuvenation

Lifting acupuncture

The benefits of acupuncture have been known for centuries. Acting on active points has beneficial effects on the body and helps in healing even in severe illness. The knowledge of acupuncture is also successfully applied in cosmetologists. The essence of rhinoplasty by acupuncture is the impact of thin needles into special acupuncture points, so that the metabolism of the dermis is actively stimulated, collagen production, thereby pullingyouthfulness of the skin.

Ultrasonic tightening

Ultrasound facelift is no less popular today. Ultrasonic waves help to deep clean tissues, stimulate the flow of blood and lymph through vessels, strengthen collagen fibers and accelerate functional processes. The procedure is harmless, and when using vitamin cosmetics, it is more effective. In addition, after tightening the private area with ultrasound, you can perform an ultrasonic massage.

Ultrasonic facelift for skin rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation

After the age of 45, the skin needs special care and attention. At this age, laser skin rejuvenation is recommended. This procedure cannot be called easy. It requires a long recovery. But the result is amazing: the complexion is even, the face is relieved and smooth.

Lifting Plasma

Plasma lifting is another secret of modern estheticians. The essence of this method is that platelet plasma taken from the patient's own blood acts as a stimulator for the synthesis of new collagen fibers. It is injected under the skin, without anesthesia and side effects. As a result of this technique, the skin is visibly toned, its condition and color improved. The advantage of plasma rhinoplasty is the long-term effect, which only increases with time.

Fractional pyrolysis

Fractional pyrolysis is a gentler type of laser rejuvenation. It is recommended to use this procedure after 35 years.

Swimming underwater dưới

Along with facelift, aqualifting is very popular among beauty aficionados. - an innovation in waterjet surgery. During this process, the contours of the face are tightened, the amount of subcutaneous fat is reduced, age lines and expression disappear. And this effect is due to the introduction of the thinnest water flow into the subcutaneous cells by a special apparatus, which acts on the muscles of the facial skin and the cells of the epidermis. At the end of the treatment, the excess fat under the skin will be removed under the action of a suction machine.


Another modern round facelift technique, which is performed by acting on the subcutaneous tissue, the structure of the protein fibers of elastin and collagen, is called a lift.

Currently, many methods of rejuvenation are known, however, even the most modern ones have contraindications to their use. Therefore, before using any technique, even the most innocuous, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

And of course, don't forget the time-tested home remedies for rejuvenation - masks, creams, massages. The modern cosmetology industry also does not stand still and offers the latest products - serums, creams, gels containing peptides, hyaluronic acid and many others that contribute to skin rejuvenation.