How to rejuvenate hand skin at home - Folk formula, effective mask

How to rejuvenate the skin of hands at home

Very often the hand is for the woman of age. And this is not surprising, as they are often influenced by external factors. Poor quality household cleaners and tap water do a lot of damage to delicate skin. Sun, hot sun, wind or cold weather also contributes to premature aging of the skin. This is why it is important to take good care of your hands by regularly performing anti-aging therapies.

The causes of aging hands

Age related changes on the skin of the hands are inevitable and they are related to a number of reasons at the same time. Let's list the main ones:

  1. Unfavorable climatic conditions.This is considered one of the most common. Furthermore, negative natural factors always affect the skin, regardless of the season. In summer, under the influence of high temperature and ultraviolet radiation, skin loses moisture, dryness and dullness. In the cold season, low temperatures and cold winds also contribute to early wilting of the plant. In addition, when hypothermia occurs, blood circulation slows down, less important substances enter the limbs. If you look closely at the hands of people who have been exposed to a lot of cold or sun exposure, you will notice the bulging, flaky capillaries, redness, and pigmentation disorders. The skin in this state ages rapidly and becomes flabby.
  2. Natural aging process.Two compounds responsible for skin elasticity - elastin and collagen. During adolescence, the body produces these substances in sufficient quantities, but over the years their synthesis slows down. At the same time, the metabolism starts to slow down, and the condition of the pulse worsens. Skin lacks moisture and is gradually depleted. The tissue regeneration is no longer going as fast as it once was.
  3. Change the concentration of a hormone.The female body is subject to a strong hormonal fluctuation and this cannot help but affect the condition of the skin. The process of withering is typical for pregnancy and lactation, but they are especially noticeable during menopause. This is due to a sharp drop in estrogen. When this hormone is deficient, the lipid barrier is broken, and the skin becomes unable to defend itself against the damaging effects of many factors. As a result, the accelerated aging process begins.
  4. Household chemicals.The modern market has a wide variety of detergents and cleaning agents. And women are exposed to all of these substances on a regular basis. Furthermore, the danger is hidden not only by means of cleaning the house (but at least, you can protect yourself with special gloves). The harmful ingredients are even contained in a liquid soap or seemingly harmless wet towel. They destroy the protective lipid layer that prevents moisture loss. The skin dries out and begins to fade faster.

Regular anti-aging treatment is recommended to prevent premature aging of the hands. Let's talk in more detail about some simple and effective methods.

Ways to rejuvenate hands at home

There are many cosmetic procedures that women can do successfully on their own. These include:

Folk method for hand skin rejuvenation
  • Hand mask.In the manufacture of recipes you can use a variety of ingredients: vegetables and fruits (fresh and cooked), honey, dairy products and many more.
  • Primer.Regularly treating the skin on your hands with natural lotions will help cleanse and soften your hands.
  • The trays
  • .These soothing treatments are recommended for rough and chapped hands. They will make the skin softer and nourish it.
  • Massage.Regular hand massage can improve blood circulation in the hands. This means more oxygen and useful elements flow to the skin. As a result, the regeneration process speeds up and aging skin looks younger.
  • Anti-aging peeling.This ultra-skin-friendly treatment removes dead skin cells from your hands after chapping or cleaning at home.

Now let's talk in more detail about each of these methods.

Natural hand rejuvenating mask

Such procedures should be done three times a week, preferably after bathing. It will also be useful to use a day before.

There are lots of homemade mask recipes. So, as an example, we will just quote a few of the most famous ones.

  1. With fish oil.Such a mask was prepared very quickly. Take a few tubes of fish oil and mix with a little cheese (about 50 g). Scrub the ingredients thoroughly with the fork, and the hand mask is ready! Apply the mixture evenly to your skin, put on plastic gloves and wait about 40 minutes. After that, the mask is washed off.
  2. Glyxerin plus oil.This preparation softens the skin and is quickly saturated with nourishing ingredients. Do the following. A little liquid glycerin (15 ml) is mixed with natural honey (45 g). The composition is melted in the microwave and gelatin (20 g) is added to it. Then you need to wait for the seeds to swell and add butter (45 g) to the composition. The resulting mass is mixed - it becomes homogeneous. The finished mixture is spread evenly on hands, covered with foil or with light gloves. The retention time of the mask is about half an hour.
  3. Oatmeal mask.First, beat the egg whites using the mixer, then add the oatmeal - about 30 g. To make the composition, place half of the chopped avocado in a meat grinder (do not remove the peel). This mask is applied to hands for about 20 minutes.
  4. For green vegetables.For this mask, take fennel and parsley in equal proportions and mince. Fatty sour cream is added to green vegetables. After that, you will get a dense mass. A little cornstarch mixed with it, then dab it on your hands. They put on rubber gloves and waited for about half an hour.
  5. Vegetable mask.This will require a carrot and a cucumber. They are washed, cut into pieces and put in a meat blender. You can also grind them with a blender. Add some olive oil and 5 ml of vitamin A to the vegetable mix (This vitamin can be purchased at any pharmacy, one tube contains 10 ml). The resulting mixture was dispensed on hands and waited with gloves for about half an hour.
  6. A bread mask.For this recipe you need a piece of brown bread. Tear into small pieces and add hot milk. The softened bread is ground in a porridge grinder. Then add potato and corn starch (10 g each). The resulting mask is applied for half an hour and then rinsed.

Lotion recipe

After 45 years, hand lotion is essential for every woman who wants to remain youthful. The salon offers many of these products at very affordable prices. However, it is better to prepare your own lotion based on natural ingredients. Homemade lotion cleanses as well as store-bought creams, and even outperforms them in terms of healing properties.

A variety of ingredients used to create effective lotions. Here are some effective recipes:

Hand rejuvenation method with folk remedies
  • You can get equal proportions of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water. The blend of these ingredients makes for an amazing softening and firming lotion.
  • For a soothing lotion, one incubates a mixture of chamomile, marigold and plant leaves, then adds glycerin to it.
  • Grapefruit juice with ammonia and glycerin is great for the skin of your hands. All ingredients are added in three tablespoons. This ingredient helps neutralize age-related pigmentation, often damaging the look of the hands after 50 years.
  • Another preparation can be made to remove age spots. Mix the kombucha and onion juice in equal proportions.
  • Another simple recipe is a mixture of equal proportions of glycerin, ammonia, and peach oil.
  • You can also mix 2 tablespoons of grass with half a cup of water and add one teaspoon of ammonia to the infusion.
  • An additional and refreshing ingredient from oak bark with cucumber and lemon juice helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve its color. The proportions of ingredients are as follows: lemon juice - one teaspoon, cucumber juice and oak bark - 2 teaspoons each, water - one liter.

Hand bath

If blood circulation in the hands is impaired and the skin begins to dry, the problem can be solved with the help of simple home bath methods based on natural ingredients. According to cosmetologists, it is recommended to carry out such treatments every three days. Their duration ranges from a few minutes to a half hour (it depends on the ingredients added to the water). After bathing, hands are wiped with a soft cloth and applied high-quality cream.

We keep you in mind the most popular bath options:

  • On starch and kefir.To prepare such a bath, pour a few liters of hot water into a bowl and dilute 30 g of starch in it (any corn or potato starch will do). Then take a glass of unfinished fatty kefir, heat it up a bit and pour in the water little by little. It takes about 20 minutes to keep your hands in this preparation.
  • Potato tubers.Add half a glass of lemon juice to the potato broth (3 liters) and soak it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Bathing chrysanthemums.Chamomile (about 100 g) is incubated with three liters of water. A little essential oil (eucalyptus, geranium) is added to the resulting infusion fluid. When the composition cools down to 30 degrees, they lower their hands and hold it for half an hour.
  • A bath with liquid soap.Put a little soap in the hot water and add the lemon flower. Preparations should be infused for about an hour. Then it is gently warmed, and the bath is ready.
  • Oil bath.This recipe will require 120 g of corn oil and 100 g of olive oil. Both ingredients are heated and poured into a bowl. Add 2 liters of warm water to it and mix the ingredients well. The duration of the bath oil is about half an hour. Then, hands are not washed, just wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Milk.Pour 60 g of starch into 2 liters of reheated milk (3% fat content), then stir the preparation. Bath for half an hour. They then wash their hands with warm water and apply cream.

Massage and wrap

Should regularly massage hands at home. To do this, massage into your hands a mixture of sunflower oil (unrefined oil) with vitamin A. This massage will restore elasticity to the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Another effective anti-aging method is to wrap a towel. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Heat a little vegetable oil (eg olive oil).
  2. Dip a napkin in it and let it soak.
  3. Wrap clean, dry hands in an oil-soaked napkin.
  4. Put on gloves and wait at least an hour.
  5. Any oil left on your hands is wiped off with a dry cloth.


The best time to exfoliate is right after bathing. Once a week is enough, do not exfoliate more often.

It's best to use the following ingredients for exfoliating:

  • Fine sand.It should be completely clean, free of any other impurities. It is boiled for a few minutes, then drained and added a little oil. The peeling process takes 3 minutes.
  • Date is sugar honey.Natural honey is mixed with cane sugar and massaged this mixture by hand for 5 minutes.
  • Sour cream with sea salt.Mix both ingredients to create a thick paste. Add a little oil and apply to skin for about 5 minutes.
  • Rub coffee.This is the simplest recipe. Just take some coffee grounds and mix it with your shower gel. The peeling process takes about 3 minutes.

Paraffin anti-aging treatments

It is very easy to buy cosmetic paraffin these days. It is sold in pharmacies and specialized stores. The composition based on it is prepared as follows:

  1. Approximately 500 g of paraffin is melted in a microwave or in a water bath (by the way, it can be successfully replaced with beeswax).
  2. Ete jojoba, chamomile extract and olive oil are poured into molten paraffin (take 30 ml of all ingredients).
  3. Then the composition is enriched with vitamins - A (20 ml) and E (30 ml).
  4. Then the composition is melted again, stirring continuously.

The process itself is done as follows:

  1. Hands are warmed in hot water and wipe thoroughly.
  2. Gently apply warm paraffin to the skin.
  3. Then, they put on gloves and wrap their hands in a soft towel.

Procedure time - about 30 minutes. Cosmetologists recommend doing this every 10 days.

All the processes described above give a good anti-aging effect if done regularly. At the same time, it is very important to adhere to rules of prevention and, if possible, to reduce the influence of external factors on the sensitive skin of the hands.