From apricots to pumpkins - 23 oils that help rejuvenate your facial skin

The girl uses oil to rejuvenate the skin

After 40 years of age, the skin of the face and neck loses their youthful age, begins to lose elasticity, gradually sagging and wrinkled. Many women complain of dry skin, even if the skin is combination or oily in the past. The use of natural extracts and gotu kola helps establish deep nutrition and metabolism, so every second a woman taking care of herself asks the question of which cosmetics should be best used for skin rejuvenation. face.

Oil Benefits

Fair sex agents have been using natural plant residue for centuries. Over a long period of use, the beneficial anti-aging effects of oily fluids on the female body have been studied up and down.The main advantage of rejuvenating essential oils is in their variety. Don't think you can defame yourself with any herbal remedy and walk happy and beautiful, choosing the ideal oil is a delicate and responsible matter!

If you choose the right product and use it regularly you will be sure:

  • renews the upper epidermis by improving intracellular metabolism;
  • increase sound;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • removes scars and wounds caused by pimples;
  • the disappearance of the vascular network and age spots;
  • Color Alignment
  • ;
  • general rejuvenation.

Oil particles penetrate deeply into the epidermis layers and activate metabolism, giving an additional effect. They can be used alone or added to skin care cosmetics: gels, scrubs, masks, homemade and store creams. Scented varieties can be used for aromatherapy or gentle baths.

Facial oils

The best oils

Actually, every flower, fruit or medicinal plant pressed for useful oil is used to rejuvenate the face: cocoa beans, geranium seeds, carrot seeds, sandalwood, rosemary. It is impossible to choose the best because they work differently on certain types of cuticles. For best results, anti-aging creams and oil blends can be created that can solve problems from a variety of angles.

It is impossible to choose a species you like, but you need to find the advantages of each.The review includes 23 types of plants, which plants will be most effective for blurring the dermis?


This fruity oil not only smells great in the summer you dream of, but also resists changes due to age and the loss of youth. It enhances metabolism and stimulates cell division, thanks to which the wrinkles are smoothed and the face becomes visibly fresher. Its antiseptic properties make orange extract an excellent remedy for acne that sometimes annoys even women over 40. Regular use will clear, shrink pores and eliminate any signs of infection.

When used, a slight burning and discomfort may occur, which will disappear after a few minutes.Orange oil treatment should not be combined with sunbathing, the epidermis becomes more susceptible to UV rays and burns.


His hometown is India, so the inhabitants of those places have long noticed the beneficial effects of sandalwood fragrance oil. With regular use, it fades wrinkles and has an excellent anti-aging effect. May have a mild whitening effect, leaving skin feeling refreshed. Its pleasant scent allows it to be used in aromatherapy.

When applied, a tingling sensation; Do not apply to clean, undiluted product.Not for people with acute kidney disease, pregnant and lactating women.

Rose oil fades wrinkles


This flower is the first plant to obtain a fragrance. It happened in the twentieth century and ever since then it has been a favorite in the skin care field. Considered a true female flower, rose has a beneficial effect on the body of women.

The effect is both softening and toning. It helps to remove irritations, smooth wrinkles and tighten skin. Rose oil for facial rejuvenation is recommended in all women over the age of 30.

It has no serious contraindications, but it is better that you do an allergy test.Not to be taken or used during pregnancy.


Essential oils are derived not from plants but from carrot seeds. It cleanses the body of toxins, has a mild exfoliating effect and removes dead epidermal particles, thereby stimulating the renewal of the upper layer. The substances in carrots reduce the risk of cancer and protect from the sun's rays while helping to maintain beautiful tanned skin.

Not recommended for people with allergies, epilepsy, asthma, people with heart disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women.Do not drink or apply undiluted.

Spring Range

Rosehip oil for facial rejuvenation contains fatty acids and vitamins A, C. Thanks to that, the regeneration of epidermal cells is activated, wrinkles are smoothed and the face looks a lot better. . Great for dry and aging skin, it nourishes moisture and makes skin firm. Improved protective function, important in winter.

Not recommended for women with an oily cuticle type, as it may trigger sebum production.For the same reason it is forbidden for acne.

Neroli helps to eliminate vascular networks


This scent is extracted from orange blossom by steam distillation. His hometown is Southern Europe and the Americas. It is expensive because it takes a ton of flowers to make 800 ml.

The healing ingredients of neroli plant help to remove spider veins and rejuvenate skin.Antimicrobial and healing action removing minor wounds and traces of inflammation. Through stimulation of intracellular metabolism, toxins are excreted, wrinkles are smoothed, the epidermis is created more elastic and tense.


It contains beta-carotene, vitamins F and B, alpha-tocopherol. This combination makes almond oil one of the best treatments for aging face and neck skin. Skin regeneration is improved after regular use of the product, making "crow's feet" and creases visible. Nutritional enhancement helps to improve water balance and soften dry cuticles. UV damage leads to premature aging, and regular almonds use guarantees protection from these unpleasant consequences.

Has a strong odor, should not be used if you are allergic to nuts.


Grape aroma oil is obtained from the seed by pressing without heat treatment, allowing useful substances to be preserved. It contains flavonoids, lecithin, vitamin E and acids, which help stimulate natural collagen production and have a tonic effect. The deep nourishment of the dermis allows aging skin to stay fresh and radiant for as long as possible.

Not suitable for people with grape allergy.

Rosemary oil for the treatment of oily skin problems


Plants are not only used in cooking but also in the preparation of cosmetic fragrances. Unlike many other oil extracts, the liquid of rosemary is suitable for treating oily skin problems. The antibacterial effect uncovers pores and reduces the risk of breakouts by normalizing the sebaceous glands. Fatty acids and vitamin complexes activate the dermis renewal process and natural collagen and elastin production.

Not used in its pure form, it is used as an additive to cosmetics.


Jojoba, or Chinese Simmondsia, contains powerful natural antioxidants that can practically turn the clock back and rejuvenate. The product is absolutely suitable for all types of cuticles, perfectly nourishing and does not make the surface too greasy. Perfectly restores dry or damaged upper layers, allowing them to rapidly renew. Tired skin turns radiant, while dry skin becomes soft and hydrated.

There are no contraindications, except for individual intolerance.


Another product that can not only be used in the kitchen. It is considered completely safe and thus used as the base, other concentrated esters are diluted with it.

It moisturizes perfectly without leaving the skin greasy or clogging pores. Normalizes the process of cell division, wrinkles and vascular network. Deeply nourishes dry skin that lacks water, removes flaking and makes the cuticles more elastic.

You need to buy "pure pressed" seed, which has not been heat treated during the production.

Lavender oil for beautiful skin


This plant is widely used in aromatherapy due to its pleasant, unobtrusive scent and body-soothing effect. Contains many useful substances: linalool, tannin, resin, vitamins and trace elements. Linalool dries out inflammation, but doesn't dehydrate the skin, tannins disinfect and firm the skin, and resin heals small wounds.

Can be used for any type of epidermis, helping to reduce the effects of allergy rashes and acne.Improves blood circulation and gives beautiful skin.


Don't be surprised by the cost of the product, certain types of jasmine are required to achieve it, and the amount of liquid in the output after a ton of flowers is processed is minimal. However, it must be purchased by those who possess dry and normal skin, as jasmine normalizes the metabolism and activity of the sebaceous glands. Perfectly smooths shallow folds, cleans and tightens pores, starting the rejuvenation process.

The product has a light and thin texture, when applied, it absorbs quickly, does not shine and leaves no greasy marks.


Geranium essential oil is practically not found in its pure form, it can only be found in some pharmacies. It is sold in glass jars and has a strong alcohol smell. Usually it is an ingredient in finished cosmetics.

Suitable for all skin types, but works best in aesthetics against dry and aging skin.Fires and stimulates collagen and elastin production to create a natural "skeleton".

Castor oil for aging skin problems

Castor oil

The product is derived from castor plant and is a base oil. You just need to choose the cold pressed liquid, the useful substances stored in it. Perfect for treating aging skin problems. It gets absorbed quickly, leaving no oil residue and an unpleasant film. Doesn't clog pores.

Neat usable, miscible with other ingredients.Formulated from the most effective cosmetologists, contains castor oil, vitamin E and egg whites. The mixture penetrates deep into the epidermis and dermis, restoring them from the inside.

For body care, a small amount should be placed in a tub of warm water.

Sea buckthorn

The juice from the fruit and seeds of the tree contains a large amount of vitamins C, A and E, which regenerate the skin and deeply nourish. The healing effect of the liquid allows you to treat the rash, eliminate traces of acne. Great for removing fine lines on the eyes, it can even be applied to eyelashes to enhance their growth and appearance.

It is rarely used in pure form in cosmetology, the best option is to enrich common care cosmetics with it: creams, tonics, scrubs, oilswash.


Coconut oil has become a favorite of many women because of its excellent anti-aging effect on the skin condition. Depending on the temperature, it can be liquid or solid, similar to a cream, like a cocoa bean product. It should be reheated before use, but not much, otherwise the beneficial ingredients will evaporate.

Although the product is suitable for all types of cuticles, oily skin owners should not bring it with them.Coconut mulch forms a film that is difficult to wash off, so it's better to add it to ready-made cosmetics.

Avocado oil for getting rid of age spots and freckles


This exotic fruit is famous for its high content of squalene, which improves blood circulation in the skin layers, thereby improving skin and restoring normal metabolism in the damaged skin. weakness and aging. Avocados saturate the body with vitamins A, E and C, causing the cells to produce collagen and divide with vengeance mechanisms. Skin's protective function is improved, flaking is removed, the dermis is saturated with moisture and becomes more elastic. Regular use helps to get rid of age spots and freckles.


Peach products are very gentle and do not need to be diluted with base oil. It can be applied to eyelids and eyelashes, it is significantly absorbed and leaves no membrane. The unsaturated fatty acids present in the composition deeply nourish and soothe irritated cuticles, and the vitamins improve the general condition of the face and neck skin.

The liquid is practically hypoallergenic and can eliminate the effects of hives and acne.Peach oil is indispensable in the fight against wrinkles, redness and pimples.


Like peach oil, apricot oil is made from the seeds. It can be used alone or infused with cosmetic creams and lotions. The liquid contains a large amount of vitamin F, which can slow down the aging process in the body. Enhanced nutrition is provided by fatty acids, the quality of not only skin, but also hair and nails is improved, provided that apricot residue is used regularly.

Oil can be used by everyone, even children, the only prohibition is frequent allergies or individual intolerances.

Palm oil renews the cuticle


People worried about their health will worry if they see this ingredient in the food, but for the skin, the remedy is simply irreplaceable. It can be purchased in two forms: in the form of a yellow liquid or creamy white texture, which is obtained during heat treatment.

Palm grease contains rare ingredients that are almost never present in other extracts: Q10, vitamins K and D. Thanks to their action, the epidermis is regenerated, disappearing inflammation and headachesblack, narrowed pores. Furthermore, palm oil can act at the intracellular level, so premature aging stops.


The oil is made from pumpkin seeds by cold pressing method, since it is not heat treated, the product retains the maximum amount of nutrients. It cannot be heated, otherwise the vitamin will evaporate, the maximum you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

The product is recommended for those who suffer frequent irritation.A rejuvenating oil suitable for the most sensitive facial skin. Phospholipids and tocopherol stimulate cell division, smooth wrinkles, improve skin and skin tone.


Sesame oil should only be cold pressed from the white seed, in such a tool all of the magic ingredients are preserved. Oils are considered basic and can be used separately and made over a blend of base oils and natural creams or masks. For women with dry, cracked and weakened skin, the product will be a really good choice. It will improve the tone of the face, make the cuticles more elastic and have a smoothing effect.

Use oils for facial rejuvenation

Important Themes

In order for facial rejuvenating oils to not only heal wounds but also do no harm, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Always get allergy tested before use. If a basic and maximum hypoallergenic remedy has been chosen, you still need to apply it to the bend of the elbow and wait a few hours. Even the most hypoallergenic foods are allergic, so don't hesitate to take this advice.
  2. The concentrated essential oil cannot be applied to the skin in its pure form, it will cause burns. Before starting the cosmetology procedure, you need to mix it with the substrate liquid, and the ratio should not be 50: 50, but at least 30: 70, depending on the type. Usually the dosage should not exceed 2-3 drops.
  3. Buy proven products, the best essential oils come in a small dark glass jar and are not cheap. The bottle must contain the inscription that the liquid is natural, as well as information on the production method that is desired.
  4. You cannot combine more than 7 species in a row, you cannot achieve a useful effect and the appearance of an unpredictable unpleasant effect is almost guaranteed.
  5. Do not use the same for more than two to three weeks. We take that as a rule: a few weeks of application, then a month of rest, then oil change.
  6. Oily liquids should not be eaten, especially if they are made from inedible plants.
  7. Avoid getting oil in your eyes.
  8. It is forbidden to use aromatherapy for pregnant and lactating women, as well as those with certain diseases, severe allergies and individual intolerance.

Natural essential oils are a real natural gift to the skin. Used wisely, they can achieve amazing results in a short amount of time. The possibilities for use are enormous: from lubricating in its pure form to creating formulas for masks, lotions, tonics, scrubs, and other cosmetics. The main thing is to observe the metrics in everything and love yourself sincerely!