The secret of facial rejuvenation at home

Beauty, youth, a magical gift of nature, the great value for us. During this time mercilessly, even your perfection. Like if you don't, but in the form, so the pesky face wrinkles. The first signs of aging of the skin, many women begin to think seriously about the need for renewal. The impetus for adopting radical measures, the futility of cosmetics, which is practically helpless in the fight is inevitable, aging. "Back in time" will be a little younger, or even help different types of rejuvenating treatments. In general, it can be classified into two categories: operating and bezoperatsionnye. How to be younger, including the home, going to continue the conversation.


Face rejuvenation: an effective way

Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation

As the latest trend of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology is designed to solve many cosmetic problems. Effective anti-aging treatments performed in beauty salons, as well as advanced medical centers advanced physiotherapy equipment. The support of a professional beautician you can organize such activities in the fight against signs of skin aging

Laser face rejuvenation

Non-invasive technique based on infrared laser. Among the main advantages is that there is no skin trauma, minimal risk of complications, immediate results. To distinguish the fractional laser skin rejuvenation and laser resurfacing of the face. In the first case the exposure of the skin through the radiation. This technology allows to process very large areas of the skin in one step. During the process of laser resurfacing rejuvenation effect is achieved, exfoliating the layer of dead skin cells. Both methods do not require anesthesia. Laser face rejuvenation the following tasks:

  • activate the metabolism and the blood circulation, the skin;
  • improve the hardness, flexibility;
  • smoothes the skin tone, including removing hyper pigmentation;
  • to soothe;
  • renews skin at the cellular level.


In this case, dual technology – simultaneous exposure of the skin to the high-frequency currents, energy-impulse of the light. As a result, increased synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin cells. The procedure ELOS-rejuvenation features a little pain in the form of mild tingling of the skin.

Photo rejuvenation

The main source of the renewal the process of light therapy, high frequency light pulses. By selecting this method, you can expect absolutely pain-free, long-lasting results. Photo rejuvenation gives you the ability to smooth out wrinkles, get rid of acne, age spots, capillary network, update, and visibly tighten the skin.

Radio wave lifting (Thermage)

Ultrasonic peeling

In order to have a visible effect of rejuvenation in a short time, without any unwanted effects will help radiowave lifting. The point is that this technology affects the dermis consists of electromagnetic waves. The deep penetration of RF energy heating the skin. However, the increase in temperature promotes the active synthesis of the fibroblasts (your skin cells), responsible for the production of "beauty proteins" - collagen, elastin. The response of such processes will be a significant improvement in the structure, color and texture of the skin. The advantages of the radio wave facelift in the absence of contraindications, as well as anti-allergen.

Muscle toning

The purpose of the method is that the training a "lazy" face muscle involuntary contractions. The main effect of the skin provide pulse power. The procedure contributes to the correction of face oval, restores elasticity, turgor of the skin, to eliminate "double" chin, "bags" under eyes, smoothing small wrinkles and prevent the formation of new, improves complexion.

Microcurrent therapy

The function of rejuvenation in microcurrent therapy implements the device applied to the skin with mild electrical impulses. Microcurrent treatment is recommended for face lifting, tighten pores, and smooth the face, eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, relieve swelling, anti-acne, and pigmentation.

Ultrasonic phonophoresis

Ensure the combined exposure of skin to ultrasound special cosmetics. The effectiveness of the method ensures that the ultrasound waves to "push" the active anti-aging active substances deep into the skin layers.

Ultrasonic peeling

The general procedure that is suitable for any skin type. In this case, the effect of the renewal gives the scrub the of keratinized epidermis. The result is an ultrasonic peeling, it becomes fresh, smooth skin without the presence of the surface wrinkles.

Injectable facial rejuvenation

With the development of hardware cosmetology is becoming increasingly popular injection techniques. Plus the fact that it does not require special training of the patient and virtually pain-free. Injection treatment includes the face rejuvenation hyaluronic acid ("preservation" of the skin), Botox, or Dysport (lock of the facial muscles).

Injection of ozone


Inject under the skin, the vitamins and biologically active substances for injection. Basic drugs mesotherapy – hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, organic acids, fibroblasts, extracts the collagen, elastin. Mesotherapy helps to get rid of the "second" chin, rosacea (spider veins), swelling, acne, acne, dilated pores, age spots, minor and major wrinkles and sagging skin.

Injection of ozone

It is known that a sufficient amount of tissue oxygen, nutrient, and moisture allows you to significantly slow down the aging process. Injection of ozone increase in disturbed micro-circulation in the problem areas, regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue, enhances the skin of the the dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles.

Pharmacy remedies for face rejuvenation

The fight age changes of the skin are you ready to join not only of modern aesthetics, but the simple, round, available in pharmaceutical preparations. Are you sure you will be surprised, but many of them do not even cosmetics.

Face rejuvenation at home

Anti-aging potential of traditional medicine sometimes doesn't is worse than the state of the art cosmetic techniques. Home remedies for rejuvenation, the natural ingredients, the ability to maintain the youth of the skin, just loose change.

Natural products, facial rejuvenation

Home activities, facial rejuvenation is very difficult to imagine without masks based on natural ingredients. The most effective of these anti-aging ingredients: cucumbers, Apple, milk, honey, herbal teas. To improve the efficiency of the mask it's possible to steam the face like a hot compress or herbal decoction (chamomile, sage, calendula, etc.) before the therapeutic application of the mixture. Of course, to start steaming only after a thorough cleaning of the skin, refreshing, cleansing milk or scrub. We give a few simple recipes for rejuvenating face masks:

  1. Peel and you are the Apple of medium size, and then cook, the Bay is a small amount of milk. Bring the prepared mixture to a pulp, and then spread evenly throughout the face. After 20 minutes remove the mask.
  2. Grind in a blender or grated 1 medium-sized cucumber. Add to ground 1 tablespoon of honey, stir until smooth, and then used as a mask. Duration – 15-20 minutes.
  3. Prepare a herbal mixture of yarrow, lime flowers, leaves, currants, strawberries and plantain. Pour 4 tablespoons of mixture to Cup of boiling water, leave to cool slightly, filter without the need to apply to face, neck, décolleté. After 20-25 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water.

Seaweed (sea algae), the facial rejuvenation

Seaweed – a rich source of iodine, vitamins A, E, b and other trace elements. This seaweed is widely used for cosmetic purposes, especially in the face rejuvenation. To protect your skin premature aging, improves elasticity aim of the dried seaweed, which is sold in almost every pharmacy. As a general rule, the crushed leaves of seaweed to be used as the basis for the masks. Here is one of the most effective recipes: pour 1 tablespoon of dry algae to 100 ml of warm water. Wait until the seaweed is completely softened. Then, connect the 1 tablespoon of liquid honey, 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil. Top mask for half an hour. After that, rinse with cold water.


Acupressure facial rejuvenation

In the Arsenal of methods of combating skin aging is proud to be the place the Tibetan acupressure face. This massage aims to improve the micro-circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, accelerate the skin regeneration, smoothes wrinkles. The desired effect is achieved, because the powerful muscle of the body, to relieve the convulsions. Pressure on specific points on the face is a key technique of acupressure. Sometimes combined with a circular motion around a selected point.

All manipulations produce a thumb or a finger. The effect of the paired points is done by the fingers of both hands. The execution of the massage is very simple: the thumb or the index finger is placed at a certain point, the face and gently press for 5-7 seconds. The next, a powerful push, and then remove the finger on the point. The next step is nine rotational motion around the point clockwise, and then back. To achieve a visible effect of rejuvenation Tibetan massage is recommended, that you regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Biologically active points on the face shown in the illustration.

At the end of the question, I would like to quote the words of the famous Austrian writer Franz Kafka: "Happiness to the exclusion of the old age. Who keeps the ability to see beauty, never grows old." In other words, be happy! To good mood, good spirits, youth, the soul – this is the surest way to clean the face of a dozen years.