How to rejuvenate your skin

Skin rejuvenation methods

Time goes on endlessly, leaving a noticeable imprint on everything it touches. Each representative of the fair sex understands that the condition of the face and hands completely tells the age of his mistress. That's why it's important to systematically maintain your natural beauty and monitor the elasticity and health of your facial skin. Today, more and more women are often wondering how to rejuvenate skin and restore its former youthful appearance by convenient and safe means.

Nowadays, modern aesthetics allow you to work wonders of all ages. It is comforting to understand that the years are not a sentence and that they can be carefully disguised, prolonging their youthful and flirtatious youth for an indefinite amount of time. Naturally, it is most effective to start monitoring your physical condition early. The daily attention and cosmetic procedures will make myself feel the owner's care and minimal problems in the future.

Modern aesthetics are adept at quickly rejuvenating mature skin. Eligible professionals select an age-specific set of procedures and based on age-related changes. Adjustment techniques vary in the efficiency and speed of positive results, and as a rule, in pricing policy. You should not be afraid to interfere with your appearance, it is important to entrust your face to a salon that has been verified by a certified specialist.

If we are to consider salon procedures, then they should be chosen according to their age. The different specificity and efficacy of the different treatments will be selected according to age-related skin changes. When women turn 30, their skin begins to degrade gradually due to the slow down synthesis of collagen and elastin. Among the visible changes: puffiness of the under eye area, the appearance of first wrinkles and loss of skin water. At this stage, the normal amount of water will no longer be enough for you, the skin will need basic recovery.

What beauty salons can offer at this age: mesotherapy (injecting a special therapeutic cocktail under the skin); Contouring injections (which rejuvenate mature skin and restore its elasticity thanks to hyaluronic acid preparations and the process can also correct some problem areas on the face, for example sponges oreyebrow); botox (smoothing fine wrinkles that tend to appear at this age. The most effective technique is "living face"); the creams are individually selected; bio-skin regeneration (also injected with hyaluronic acid, which helps to restore the skin's water and reserve balance, thereby improving its structure); ELOS-rejuvenation (rejuvenating with cooling gel, while also removing pigmentation, acne and other problems).

At the age of 40, skin changes take on a different characteristic. Your age begins to show more confidently in every detail of your face. As a rule, the oval shape of the face begins to break and the nasal folds become more prominent. Instead of slight fine lines, deeper and more noticeable wrinkles appear. During this stage, the skin needs more care and attention. At this stage, more attention must be paid to anti-aging and anti-aging therapies.

Professional procedures for the rehabilitation of youth at 40 have the following “menu”: plasma lift (a complex revolutionary procedure, a plasma injection of the disease itself. subcutaneous, helping to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate independent production of hyaluronic acid and collagen); Fraxel laser (non-surgical facial lift with laser therapy), Futura Pro device (mechanical stimulation by sound, electric field and light).

At the age of 50, age-related changes in the face are more global in nature. It would be great if, before this period, fair sex spent time systematically on facial skin rejuvenation and care processes. Otherwise, only effective therapies with maximum intervention in skin function will help restore lost youthfulness of the skin. At the age of 50, beauty salons offer minimal invasive facial stretches and many non-surgical rejuvenation complexes.

Folk remedies for skin rejuvenation

Not only the traditional medicine but the rich experiences of other women will tell you how to rejuvenate tired skin. Traditional medicine can cope with skin aging problems with excellent efficiency, keeping up with aesthetic processes. The only problem you may face is the need for systematic skin care and the time it takes to do the treatments at home.

Uses olive oil for an anti-aging treatment. In the absence of this product in your kitchen cabinet, it is possible to use any suitable vegetable oil. Take a small amount of oil and heat it. In parallel, make whatever tea you have at home - green, black, or herbal tea. Next, you will alternate the 2 napkins on the face: hold the napkin with olive oil that has been warmed for 5 minutes, then switch to a napkin dipped in cooled tea. This procedure should be repeated about five times for greater efficiency.

Sea salt can visibly rejuvenate and refresh your skin. To do this, dilute the salt in cold water and soak a cotton towel in this solution. Now pat your chin and face with a towel. Now stretch the towel and pat it on your chin for about five minutes. This procedure should be repeated every morning.

Various masks are available for skin rejuvenation as well. There are many recipes for such cosmetic procedures for your face, it is important to choose the one you like best. Honey with egg yolks is often used for such purposes, applying 2 tablespoons of the resulting mixture to the face for 10 minutes. This mask should be taken in the morning before washing. You can grind porridge from the leaves with honey. For convenience, dilute this mixture with boiled water.

You can replace the previous mask with the castor one. To do this, take 1 part oil and mix with 4 parts any other oil. You can use regular peaches, almonds, or even sunflower for this mask. Apply a cotton ball soaked in the resulting mixture to your face. To use this formula effectively as a means for skin rejuvenation, it is best to do the procedure before washing your face or just before bed.

Even aging skin needs vitamins and nutrients. To get enough nutrition for mature skin, the following mask was created: turn cucumbers into porridge, do the same with grapes. Take one tablespoon of porridge at a time and mix with sour cream. Keep this mask on your face for about 20 minutes.

Good results and rapid rejuvenation are advertised from the blue screen, offering us all creams. You can choose a suitable product from the nearest store, or you can create your own unique ice cream. The advantage of home cosmetics is that the ingredients are always natural and can be found in most housewives. All that is missing can be purchased in a pharmacy, will not cost much. The main function of the cream is to smooth wrinkles, nourish and moisturize. To create a rejuvenating cream, dissolve lanolin and honey in a water bath. Take both in a teaspoon volume. Now dilute this mixture with two tablespoons of warm boiled water and the same amount of almond oil. After taking it out of the tub, hit it hard and rub it on your face. You can add soy lecithin solution instead of almond oil and water.

You will find many recipes on how to rejuvenate the skin with folk recipes or cosmetics. But even an effective result must be sustained. Track your skin condition. Visit a specialist who will determine your skin type and will tell you more about how to take care of it. Do not abuse direct sunlight, always use a UV blocker. Try to get enough sleep, eat only healthy foods and don't torture yourself with undue stress. Take care of your beauty and please yourself with useful treatments that will restore your youth and radiance to your eyes.