How to choose a lifting procedure? The best way to do the tightening

Restores the skin's freshness, evenly, and the contour of the face — smooth lines, today it is possible without expensive operations. Many modern lifting procedures that do not require major surgery. How to choose the perfect lifting, the procedures are different from each other?

The deterioration of the skin's age

Every woman sooner or later faces the following problems: the skin loses its elasticity, becomes dull, wrinkles appear. The Modern beauty in a number of ways to get rid of ezek a unpleasant process, and surgical intervention is not necessary.

Stage of age skin lesions

Biologists still do not agree that we off quality, what are the look. We can say, However, that the result is translated to the accumulation of errors in the cells and intercellular structures, which are gradually incapacitate a vital set in the body.


Maybe the only time when the skin requires virtually no maintenance– that this life is the period of approximately a hat-months of age until puberty. The skin of the children szilárd, smooth, bright, fresh, look at him – a pleasure.


Unfortunately, all the good end vessels sooner or later, starting with 12 -14 years of age, the skin's appearance begins to deteriorate. The first is that it is a fat making a fat, so much so that it literally runs off the skin. Then change the structure of the skin a rough, porous.

People a by thin skin, ezek a changes less noticeable as the skin owners a fatty. However, in all cases, the same as it was when he was a kid.

And, of course, the most worrying changes in the skin, poisoning the life of a significant part of the teenagers - acne that comes with puberty, as well as many years of a (sometimes decades) that occupy the skin, despite every attempt to get rid of it. Many teens struggle with acne is the main objective, a cosmetic procedures, the life of sometimes make sense. Unfortunately, of course, that this is a fight, a lot of ember, because they can cause serious skin damage, which is very difficult to compensate for in the future.

A very small percentage of adolescents aware of the need to protect the skin. Typically, it is at this time, relentlessly exposed to the skin to the sun's rays ( and even sometimes an artificially generated ultraviolet radiation in a tanning salon), covered with layers of makeup (which is often left on all night), tattoos, exhausting night vigils, and all kinds of toxic substances. Despite all this, the skin's natural freshness and elasticity.


20 years ago, many people have skin condition is improving – he's not they're fat, less prone to blackheads, even and attractive.

Time from 20 to 30-year – period stability, one, skin, when the majority of people don't ponder, a complicated skin care, choosing cosmetic packaging, scent, or the name of the company a, but nevertheless, good skin.

But all this is true only in cases if the skin is healthy. Unfortunately, teenage stress, an attempt self-treatment of acne by a method, a chaotic spreading of the skin all marked "pimples", or too many antibiotics, retinoids, sometimes even unthinkable diet can change the appearance of a certain skin problems, ranging from permanent forms of acne, allergic dermatitis, etc. In these cases, the skin requires complex care, who better to entrust the competent professionals.

At the beginning of the skin aging

Since 25 years, a skin will gradually lose fresh light on the young people. Slows down the cell renewal of the stratum corneum, the skin becomes more boring. Decreases the rate of formation of collagen, elastin, a skin seems less elastic. There are the fine wrinkles, under eyes, accumulate spots on the skin, such as pigment spots, stretch marks, scars, acne, etc.

The closer it is to a 30-year-old mark, a lot more women start to think about skin care, try to slow down the aging process, and the mask is a symptoms. And the doctors though I did not cease to insist that the protect skin care of young people, in the real world, after 30 years, only one skin expect can't be that he needs to finally pay attention.

The average age

In the period of 35, 50, is translated to the skin becoming more visible. At this time, reduced the ability to retain moisture, slows down the regeneration of cells, collecting a defective collagen, elastin, reduces the hyaluronic acid in face of the increasingly thin, greasy layer in the redistribution of body fat (in the face of fat, is less, but the jaw under the and the lower part of the face is often formed fat pads), there are brown spots, dilated vessels, and of course, wrinkles.

Say I need to be a wrinkles that are so angry at women but in a different way doesn't look, but different look for. Often divided into static and dynamic wrinkles.

Static wrinkles arise because of the changes in a skin (damage of fibers of the skin to various harmful factors, age up to the destruction of the structures, the skin, etc.).

Dynamic wrinkles are formed in places of constant muscular activity as a consequence of the fact that it reduces the muscle if you are short, the wrinkles of the skin, while relaxing back to its original position, and the "pull" him back.

The young women, the skin is flexible, quick to respond to such movements, the muscles, and then return to its original state. The age ezek exercises can be a hard, and around the eyes, bridge of the nose, the forehead and around the mouth – where most of the actively working facial muscles.

A age-related changes in the skin after 50 years

After 50 years, one, skin, affect the in the next a menopause, when the amount of the female sex, these hormones can be dangerous, the estrogen in the body decreases. At this time, more wrinkles, the thickness of the skin epidermis quickly reduced and the skin visibly fading. The process quickly went down a 60-years, after which the skin is placed in a relative stability period. At this stage, a cosmetic already a little that depends, and any modification is only possible if the help of plastic surgery. Those who life during protect your skin from the harmful effects (especially in one day), the skin will be less wrinkles, spots, and look fresher, younger.

If the skin under intense sunlight (this is more relevant in hot countries), it is likely to be visible rough, wrinkles, and covered with liver spots.

In the elderly (70 and older) characterized by thickened skin (parchment) stratum corneum, a thin skins (through which shines through the subcutaneous fat, gives to a skin a yellowish color), low flexibility, a number of deep wrinkles, folds.

Most of The road is outlined, the skin of coals each, the cosmetics, and means to prevent the skin changes in each stage.

The skin of a teenager with a never mist to return to a fresh sima baby's skin, skin of ladies balzakovskogo age never look like the skin of a 20-year-old girl.

Senile changes in the skin occur due to the fact that this program is not the cells, because of the fact that the skin organization of the whole whole life accumulates, injury, or disease, in other words wear out. Affect the translated, to genetically determined practically have no option but to slow down the rate of wear of the leather and prevent premature aging. You need to know what skin changes are inevitable, which are caused by an irresponsible attitude, or arise mistakes for a harmful factors in the external environment.

What happens to the skin under the translated?

Mint we can see in almost every structure of a skin (testing in general) over the years, deteriorate and cease to perform a biological function. For convenience, you can select specific targets, the translated, which main mind a target and the anti-aging procedures.

Professional cosmetic, aesthetic procedures and medical cosmetology we learned about treatment, face rejuvenation offer salons a city.

Face massage + injection of botulinum toxin type a

Face massage ─ manual or tool ─ they're a procedures that are high use, the prevention of age-related changes even at a young age. Good effect gives a correction to an already existing age-related changes (expressed nasolabial folds, "wrinkles proud", or longitudinal wrinkles on the forehead, "crow's feet" with an eye to around, loss, oval face, standing). Massage allows you to work out to hang out muscle, or, conversely, relax, hard. Thanks to our effect that reduces the severity of wrinkles, improving facial contours. This massage is done by a course (10 on average, treatments, two per week), after which you can set the wrinkles with injections of botulinum toxin. In this case, you will be able to make the less preparation and a more pronounced result.

A face lift + injectable fillers or fat injection requires

Plastic surgery can be reached through a lift effect, but you can get rid of the wrinkles, unfortunately, can't be. After a plastic pool, for example, the wrinkles around the mouth and the "marionette lines" (so-called "pitch of grief"). In order to make them less noticeable, use injectable fillers is an area of nasolabial folds, the lips, the Malar area. Alternative injectable fillers, the procedure is a lipophilic ling when to spend is the amount that your own fat cells. A certain syringe test areas (abdomen, inner thigh, knee), as well as introduced in small quantities to the desired area. This should be done very carefully, because a main to ensure task is to the fat cells adapt to a high place stuck. The advantage that the lipophilic ling injection a fillers before it is obvious that the fillers need to be updated every year, while the fat cells remain in the region for years. In this case, the lipophilic ling to exclude possible allergic reaction, which can occur with a given penny.

Blepharoplasty + treatments

Largely it's a high to be a combination of a plastic lower eyelids, where the muscles are "soldered" to the skin is not impossible that all the remove excess. That's why three weeks after surgery shows that the laser treatment in this area. A the a irritation of the skin, thereby reducing, activates the synthesis of the new collagen, elastin – the skin thickens, and then more and more flexible. A powerful effect can be A just one-on-one meeting.

Often this technique is used in cases when you need to get rid of gruzevich bags (that's the problem anyway, it might bother you, but young enough). Surgical removal of a hernia, carried out trans conjunctival you (through a small incision in the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid), and the packets after the removal of fat keep the excess skin to tighten – for these purposes, as well as necessary one to the.

What is the lift, as well as to what procedure to choose?

Probably, almost every woman sooner or later starts to think about lifting. Over time, the skin loses its former elasticity and the first wrinkles appear. This is an inevitable process — after 30 years, a number of collagen, elastin begins to decline gradually, without a framework, a skin dull, inflexible.

All procedures are divided into operational, bezoperatsionnye. Operating involves the intervention of a surgeon. Non-surgical methods include various types of lifting hardware, as well as injection of cosmetic preparations to improve the skin tone, and a saturated moisture.


The circular face lift operation is frequently also called, which is the first side to correct the neck to the middle of face, frontal temporal regions and an outer part of the brow, face, or around, the corners of the mouth. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and several hours to sour. After the surgery, you will need to spend a few days in the hospital after a week the sutures are removed, and a swelling gone 2 work in. Speed up To help in the rehabilitation of a massage, physical therapy. To fully appreciate the results to face lift 6-8 art after. A circular lift — this is the most severe traumatic lifting operation. However, the impact is very long —a surgeon, we recommend that such a use of operations not more often than every year 7-10. Circular lifting be carried out not before the age of 40-50. Depth effects there are two kinds of circular facelift — SMA-to increase, affecting not only the skin, but the fat-to-muscle tissue, and more surface with a subcutaneous lift. The first is able to cope with the most significant a age-related changes, the second is suitable for a less noticeable problems.

This is important

The procedure a number of contraindications, which include blood disorders, cancer, severe internal organs, heart disease, high blood pressure, diseases of the nervous system, epilepsy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and several others. Therefore, it is very important before the surgery to see a doctor.

Endoscopic facelift

This is also called the procedure a smooth elevator. All operations are performed through small incisions, after which there is no scars. Endoscopic facelift indicates the low-age-related changes in the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, and then a area a nasolabial folds when lowered the eyebrows. But a significant deterioration of the skin is better to choose a round, traditional shape-lifting. The efficiency and the timing of a rehabilitation endoscopic facelift is a very common circular lifting. Similar contraindications: heart disease and blood vessels, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting diseases, diseases of the internal organs, thyroid gland, and wounds, burns, the surface of the face, pregnancy, lactation, etc. in addition, a surgery can be, how moody it feels like a common area.

By the way

Unknown Operation will impair blood circulation, which negatively affects the elasticity. So after the surgery, there is always a need for additional treatments for fast healing.


This is a relatively simple, minimally invasive, very effective procedure. That is why, to put a ban to gain such a popularity. A method consists in implanting under the skin of very thin fibers strengthen the skin. Ezek a threads of gold, training polyesters, polypropylene, polylactic acid, ezek biologically compatible with the human study do not cause Allergy or other unwanted effects. A thread introduced flexible needles. Over time, around the infinite is formed, the connective tissue that supports the skin and prevents the sagging.

Today it is used as the non-absorbed and absorbed into yarn. Through the last work 8 to 9 apart and removed the test in a natural way. Thread use not only the skin, but the contours of a test.

The surgery under local anesthesia tart for approximately one hour. 2-4 days before the swelling and after 2 weeks you can return to your normal lifestyle.

Contraindications for this type of lifting is much less than the previous two types. Ezek include pregnancy or lactation, acute infection, skin disease, Allergy, Oncology, and autoimmune diseases.

Hardware lifting

Hardware work use equipment for skin effect of the different types of energy (the, radio waves, ultrasound). Lifting hardware available not only in clinics, but clinics and medical cosmetology. Such methods require general anesthesia or a long recovery period, and incomparably cheaper than the surgical methods to restore your youth. You should not forget about the contraindications, which includes epilepsy, cancer, heart disease, pregnancy and many other serious diseases.

The lifting

Effect during the the the skin, generates heat energy, contributing to a natural process of rejuvenation. After the facelift skin more dense, elastic, increases the production of collagen and other elements contribute to a natural process of rejuvenation. Wrinkles, the blood circulation speeds up, the person becomes not only smooth but healthy.

The facelift A can be performed quickly and without anesthesia, although very sensitive individuals may experience during the procedure, discomfort. Significant, a long rehabilitation is needed – a redness very fast in itself, but an effect, a laser lift can be seen immediately.

Ultrasonic lifting

Ultrasound lifting technology, hardware is the only one that allows you to interact on a deeper level a skin. This often raises the so-called non-invasive SMA-to increase. The procedure is moderately painful or lasts 30-60 minutes. After the procedure, a virtual, 2-3 hours may keep a mild redness or swelling.

Continue If this type of lifting ultrasonic wave touches the deeper layers of the skin error musculo-aponeurotic layer, activate the formation of new fibers of elastin and collagen. The synthesis of new collagen fibers is still 3-4 art of the skin so it will be each day fresher, younger. The effect of duration of up to 3 years.

The safety of the procedure provided by ultrasound visualization of the skin, muscles, in real-time by your doctor to see production of the ultrasound wave to tissue changes.

Radio wave lifting (RF-lifting)

RF-lifting effect on the surface layer of the skin, subcutaneous fat tissue using high frequency electric current. Certain radio frequency devices in combination with a magnetic effect of a field. The pulses heated the skin cells to activate them, as well as a stimulates collagen ogenesis. In this case, an ultrasonic lifting, RF-lifting effect of a prolonged effect, which for several months increase a tart, up to 1.5–2 years. The session lasts for approximately 20-30 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The procedure is performed without the age.

A method of applying the people is contraindicated in cardiopathic metal structure of a test (pins, plates, etc.).

Face lifting

The procedure rejuvenates the skin by applying sototally impulses active in the deeper layers. It's finally the devices IPL treatment. Light energy absorbed by the various a skin chromophores (hemoglobin, melanin pigment), is converted into heat, which stimulates the process of skin cell renewal, brighten age spots, as well as a disappearance of spider veins. Lifting is used So often not only wrinkles, but also to eliminate the veins, and the skin. The duration of a time — approximately 30 minutes. The course consists of 1 3 treatments.


The blood contains platelets — a cell responsible for blood clotting. But in addition, platelets secrete specific substances that accelerate cell division. Introduction platelet-rich plasma stimulates the synthesis of new cells and triggers the regeneration. This procedure the patient production of blood in the amount of from 8 to 40 ml. A special mode centrifugation from blood isolated platelet rich plasma. The concentration of the platelets, the plasma, a cosmetic injection is 4-5 times higher than the human blood. A high content can be achieved very noticeable and fast effect. A course consists of weekly 3 to 5 treatment. The first results from a little procedure.

Mint other type of lifting, PRP a number of contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, skin diseases, tumors, infectious and autoimmune diseases, etc.

Lifting using the hyaluronic acid injections (fillers)

The other, is possible to achieve a significant lifting effect. For example, if a volume correction by creating volume, the zygomatic region, for example, there is a general increase in the lower half of the face. Bioreinforcement face areas, neck, when a filler is injected intradermally and the skin in the form of grid - a skin becomes more elastic, tight. Vector lifting filling subcutaneously in the direction of the sagging of the skin, thus strengthening it, and then drag.

Contraindications to the procedure, blood diseases, infectious diseases, pregnancy, lactation, injury or inflammation of a treatment area, hypersensitivity to a drug.