Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation: reviews, types of procedures, recommendations

Hardware rejuvenation

Just 20-30 years ago the only reliable solution to the age-related changes have had plastic surgery face. Then came the time, the skin fillers, and botulinum toxin. These techniques, despite some advantages, there are drawbacks. Fortunately, open up new ways to extend his youth. Skin may be flexible, fresh, healthy, even without injection. This successful hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation. The numerous reviews of the patients confirmed this fact.

Hardware cosmetology

A new stage in the development of the cosmetology steel hardware techniques. They allow you to quickly, painless elimination of many of the faults appearance and significantly rejuvenates the skin. All procedures are performed using a special apparatus. But the desired result is achieved thanks to the effect of ultrasound, cold, vibration, vacuum, or electrowon.

Hardware procedures every year becoming more popular. The patients who had to try these unique techniques, share your network experience, leave positive feedback. Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation can cope with the pigmentation, wrinkles, dilated pores and signs of acne. In addition, you can condense the skin, tighten the oval, to increase the production of collagen, as well as an adequate flew of. We can say that the indication of the procedure, the patient's desire to preserve youth and improve the condition of the skin.

The hardware rejuvenation can be divided into two types:

  1. Ablative. The integrity of the skin during the procedure are violated.
  2. Non-ablative. The integrity of the skin is not broken.
The procedure of rejuvenating esthetician

Select the most appropriate method, the renewal of hardware to a dermatologist. The result in many respects depends on the quality of professionals, as well as the quality of equipment.

To choose the right clinic or salon must be carefully cleaned. It is recommended that you focus on reviews, recommendations from friends who saw it from a positive result, the use of hardware cosmetology. Equipment, that all necessary permits and certificates.

Procedures, the clinic and the salon used in such devices:

  1. Phonophoresis.
  2. Device micro-dermabrasion.
  3. RF-lifting.
  4. Ultrasonic skraber.
  5. Derma-pen.
  6. The device galvano therapy.
  7. Darsonvalization.
  8. Device microcurrent therapy.
  9. Meso-injectors.

Often salons use a special cosmetic combines. Only one such device can perform around 20 different procedures.

The age of patients

The "rejuvenation hardware" does not mean that the procedures to solve the problem only for the Mature skin. It all depends on the condition of the epidermis. To eliminate pigmentation, purify, and tighten pores using cosmetic tools possible, even teenagers. The first anti-aging treatments, if appropriate, should be 25 years. This primary purpose of moisturizing and restore the skin.

After 35 years, the processes of decay begin to faster flow. At this age the skin is called Mature. Now I need to make a more aggressive technique of hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation. Reviews cosmetologists say that the best result shows, RF-lifting, fractional laser, or microcurrent therapy.

Fractional rejuvenation

Slows aging of the skin, you can use the fractional laser. During the procedure, it affects the skin, administration. Thanks to a special nozzle in a single laser beam is split into many smaller ones. This ensures the break (as if through a sieve) the effect on the skin.

The laser beams leaves the skin micro damages. This stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. These two substances provide the skin turgor.

Fractional laser provides excellent work. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews. The procedure laser face rejuvenation eliminates atonic laxity, sagging of the oval, wrinkles, spider, stretch marks, scars. In addition, tightens the pores and removes pigmentation.

Radio wave correction of the oval

The radio frequency face lifting

In recent years, the increasing popularity gaining procedure called RF-lifting of the face. How interesting that many women who are looking for effective ways to deal with aging. RF-lifting radio frequency is a method of tightening and skin rejuvenation. The method appeared cosmetic 15 years ago.

The effect of the radio waves to the deeper layer of the epidermis is heated to the temperature of 43°. Under heat tissue compressed, and decrease the threads. It improves the skin tone, which has a lifting effect.

High temperature, and the electric field stimulates the cells to produce more elastin and collagen. Thanks for the new threads generated context, which is characteristic of young skin.

Radiowave facelift instant lifting effect on the face, neck, removes wrinkles, sagging and restores elasticity. The result is a period of three years. In addition to the formation of new wrinkles is slowed down significantly.

Ultrasonic lifting

An ultrasound works on the same principle as the radio waves, this is the procedure of RF-lifting of the face. What's described above. The main difference is that the depth effect. Ultrasound is able to Wade where no radio waves. It affects the deepest layers of the skin.

It's impossible to say exactly which techniques are more effective. A patient is suitable for ultrasonic lifting. Other skin reacts better to the radio waves. Therefore, the decision that the method of rejuvenation should take a doctor.

Ultrasonic stimulation heats the inner layer of the skin. This speeds up the metabolism in tissues, toxins, collagen production. Improved and micro-circulation.

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation

Beneficial exposure to the body of a weak pulse current is known for a long time. This method is successfully used in physical therapist to relieve the pain, kidney stones, cholecystitis, and other diseases. Estheticians use microcurrent effect to improve the skin condition. The popularity of this method is constantly increasing.

Procedure microcurrent treatment face recommended simple modeling of the oval to keep up the muscle tone. Completely pain-free. The patient may feel a mild stinging sensation, while the esthetician has a special attachment for the face massage lines.

The electrical pulses increase cell regeneration, protein synthesis, collagen, hyaluronate. Output products of metabolism and toxins, improves the blood circulation. And the tone of the skin.

Face after the procedure is significantly younger. The result is stored for six months. A lot depends on the initial condition, the nature of the patient's skin.

The non-injection mesotherapy

Rejuvenate the skin without injection. Doctors found a non-invasive way to give it to the deeper layer of the dermis nourishing and moisturizing substances. This procedure is called non-injectable mesotherapy. This is another effective hardware technique of face rejuvenation.

The procedure allows you to cope with the following problems:

  1. The sagging of the skin.
  2. Hyper pigmentation.
  3. The wrinkles.
  4. Yellowish skin color.
  5. The loss of flexibility.
  6. Rosacea.
  7. Swelling.
  8. The dilated pores.

In order to fulfill the substance of anti-aging cocktail deep into the skin to enhance the permeability of the cells of the skin. This can be done by using weak electric pulses or infrared laser. The result is noticeable after the first procedure. The eight to ten months.


Measured cooling of the tissue allows to solve many problems that appear to be aging processes in the skin. This is the effective method adopted by the professionals of the aesthetic medicine. Hardware cryotherapy face helps to eliminate around the eyes wrinkles, age spots there are on it. In addition, to restore the oval, as well as improve the skin tone.

The procedure, liquid nitrogen. The temperature reaches minus 195 degrees. Material cryomassage of the face is fed through a special tube container for different attachments. The duration does not exceed 10 minutes.

Photo rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation for the face

Pulsating light of high intensity facial rejuvenation was used in the recent past. Originally used for hair removal. Over time, the therapist noticed that in those places, effect of pulsed light to the observed improvement of the skin lost pigment spots become less visible spider veins. In addition, the wrinkles. Immediately after developed, and the technique of face rejuvenation.

Light therapy provides administration of heating in the skin. This involves the papillary layer. This increases the intensity of these biochemical processes in the skin, as neocollagenogenesis.

Light therapy one of the most effective treatment, facial rejuvenation. After a few sessions, smoothes deep wrinkles, oval-shaped, tightened flew in. The course consists of four to eight treatment. Results after the intervention and maintained to six months.

Ultrasonic liposuction face

Being overweight flew, and the jaw may appear even in young girls. In addition, the nasolabial creases become more visible as you. This distorts the lower part of the face. And visually to add that a few years ago.

Back face of the original features allows removal of the fat. This can be done with ultrasonic liposuction. Destroys only the fat cells and other tissue is not damaged.

During the procedure, the doctor makes a few good flat. The scars left. Five days after the swelling completely goes away.

Ultrasonic liposuction is one of the best hardware procedures for facial rejuvenation, as it allows to solve the problem of sagging face, as well as the blurry, oval, double chin. Besides, the procedure stimulates the formation of collagen fibers responsible for skin elasticity.

Beautician at home

The modern woman is able to take care of the skin, prevents the aging. Help in the home device beauty face. Many procedures can be performed without the help of a dermatologist. All that is needed is the quality of care, to select the appropriate beauty device.

Home use can be purchased:

  1. The device microcurrent stimulation.
  2. Vacuum device cleans the pores.
  3. Device for ultrasonic treatment is able to cope with the wrinkles.
  4. Device radio frequency waves, which improves the condition of the oval.
  5. The device is the laser action.
  6. Tools light-, ozone -, and ionotherapy.

Using home beauty devices do not require special skills. Everything you need to know in detail the instructions. We must not forget about contraindications.

Contraindications the hardware cosmetology

The main thing to care about aesthetic medicine, the safety. Patients who decide to have a hardware cosmetology, don't be afraid of anesthesia, and prolonged rehabilitation. Such procedures reduce to zero the risk of adverse reactions and medical errors. This confirms the assessment.

Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation should not be used, only in certain cases. Contraindications are the following:

  1. Pregnancy, breast-feeding.
  2. Malignant tumors.
  3. The presence of the pacemaker.
  4. Pathology of the heart.
  5. Autoimmune diseases.
  6. Pathology of the kidney, the liver.


Face before and after rejuvenation hardware

Hardware techniques for face rejuvenation is also becoming more popular. Talking about the assessment cosmetologists in patients. The women who completed the full course of rejuvenation hardware, talking about the fact that a person is visually younger five to ten years. The patients pulled oval, less noticeable nasolabial folds, fades pigmentation. In addition, the skin is soft, hydrated.

Reviews patient's note one more advantage of the hardware cosmetology - lack of a long period of rehabilitation. You don't need to be sick. Go to the usual Affairs immediately after the procedure.